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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hands off Syria and Iran!: Support Stop the War's emergency protest

2 - 4pm, Saturday 28th January, US Embassy
Grosvenor Square
London W1K 2

If you’re able to get to London on Saturday do try and take part in this important event, which has been called by the Stop the War coalition and is supported by UNITE the Union, War on Want, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign against Sanctions and Military Intervention on Iran, Friends of
Al-Aqsa, Goldsmiths Student Union and SOAS Student Union.

And anti-war readers based in other countries, please let us know of any similar events taking place in your towns and cities.

Stop the War's Press release says:

The growing threats against Iran in recent weeks have been backed up with increased sanctions. As we know from Iraq, these are a prelude to war, not an alternative to it. There are signs of covert intervention already in Iran, as there are in Syria. Stop the War opposes all military intervention from the west in the region, for which there is absolutely no justification.


Douglas said...

I watched Russia Today get its knickers in a twist about how Saudi Arabia and Qatar are buying a revolution in Syria.

If that's the case, then one might think of Syria as a front in an Islamic civil war between Saudi Sunnis and Iranian Shias.

The fact that a non-Sunni branch of Islam, the Alawites, rule Syria is just another reason for Saudi Arabia to interfere.

Anonymous said...


You are a dictator enabler!