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Monday, January 23, 2012

A new uprising in Libya?: Anti-government rebels take Bani Walid

 From the Guardian:

Reports say at least four people killed in clashes between besieged NTC forces and well-organised pro-Gaddafi fighters........

Bani Walid, a former regime stronghold 110 miles south-east of Tripoli, was one of the last to succumb to pro-government forces after the capital fell in August. The latest clashes mark the most significant loyalist attack since Libya was officially "liberated" on 23 October. It appears further evidence of the NTC's weakness, incapacity and internal divisions ahead of supposed national elections later this year.

More on the story over at Russia Today.

The question is: will William Hague, our oh so ‘tough’ neocon Foreign Secretary who’s currently threatening Iran, and the little gang of  ‘something must be done’ 'muscular liberals'  be calling for NATO intervention to help the anti-government Libyan rebels?

I’m only asking……


brian said...

anti-government? what government? a bunch of UK based coupists who launched a war on the legitimate govt and its people aided by the very same colonial states which once ruled africa?
the NTC has neither legitimacy, nor a legal base to claim govt status..and cergtainly does not have the consent of the governed...the purpose of any election they hold will be to give themselves this status.

brian said...

off topic but FYI

A memorable tweet! and a reminder that the Hague is a concentration camp for black leaders.

PanAfricanists Pro-Gbagbo rally attacked in Ivory Coast, many injured By Associated Press, Sunday, January 22, 12:52 AM...

1 day ago
Retweeted by 1D4TW

Which is a bit of a truism! Associated Press HAS injured many people!

Meanwhile, the AP story says Gbagbo is under arrest and in the white mans prison in the Hague (for crimes against white mans control…pardon... humanity), for him and his govt being toppled by UN backed seditionists…while the brutal Govts of UK and US and France are free to roam the world undermining international law while toppling govts using their taxpayers money….the Hague is for losers in conflicts with white govts.
UN 'peace' keepers provided security at the rally, so no surprise armed intruders gained access to it!