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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wally of the Week........ Is Not Mike Ashley

Contrary to press reports throughout this afternoon, it appears that Kevin Keegan has not been sacked as Newcastle manager.

A statement from Newcastle released shortly before 7pm included a denial that the board had axed Keegan:
"Newcastle United can confirm that meetings between members of the board and manager Kevin Keegan were held both yesterday and today.
"Kevin has raised a number of issues and those have been discussed with him.
"The club wants to keep progressing with its long-term strategy and would like to stress that Kevin is extremely important, both now and in the future.
"Newcastle United values the effort and commitment shown by Kevin since his return to St James' Park and wants him to continue to play an instrumental role as manager of the club.
"For the avoidance of doubt, the club has not sacked Kevin Keegan as manager."

So, the award of Wally of the Week to Newcastle chairman Mike Ashley is hereby withdrawn! That can only be bad news for David Miliband........


Back in January, I wrote in The Guardian:

Sometimes you hear news that makes you want to jump for joy. The release from jail of Nelson Mandela. The news that Tony Blair, after the longest farewell tour since Frank Sinatra, had finally vacated Downing Street. England regaining the Ashes.
Yesterday's announcement that Kevin Keegan was returning to English football to manage Newcastle United was another such occasion.

Today, just eight months on, Kevin Keegan was sacked by Newcastle chairman Mike Ashley (above). Instead of giving Keegan, a man with a proven track record, 100% backing, Ashley undermined him- appointing Dennis Not-So-Wise as Director of Football with responsibility for transfers. Ashley also allowed James Milner to go to Villa, despite Keegan's opposition. Kevin Keegan can leave Newcastle with his head held high, having done the best he possible could in such a short period of time. But one thing is for sure after today's news: the club will never make a challenge for honours so long as they have a wally like Mike Ashley at the helm.


olching said...

Well, nobody quite knows whether Keegan is still manager or not. I thought it would have been a bit harsh on Ashley anyway (to be nominated WotW), considering he was spotted at the Emirates downing a pint of beer. Joey Barton was more of a candidate...

olching said...

Just reading up on the Newcastle melodrama; it looks like Keegan is no longer manager. He wasn't at training this morning, reports the BBC. I suspect Ashley and the club have been claiming that he hasn't been sacked so that they don't have to pay up the compensation...

Neil Clark said...

Thanks olching for the latest. It's hard to know what's going on- and Ashley may yet be restored to wally-status once we find out exactly what happened.

Anonymous said...

Well Keegan has officialy resigned now.
However this is not a case of him walking away, or 'bottling it'. The circumstances that allowed him to be the club manager were slowly taken away from him.
There is a far deeper message here about modern football/ entertainment, and it has firmly cemented my commitment to non-league football.

Anonymous said...

Will Mike Ashley be re-awarded wally of the week now?

Neil Clark said...

bsafc- totally agreed.