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Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank You, George W. Bush

Not a line I thought I'd ever write.

And I'm sure Jonathan Steele didn't think he'd ever write it either.

But in these circumstances, I think its justified.


Dan, portsmouth said...

If the F word is allowed here, I would love to write it before his name.

Accusing G.Bush of being an Iranian agent may sound silly; but what do you think of of occupying Iraq who had 8 years war with Iran, and hand it over to the Mullahs?

Anonymous said...

While I'm delighted to see you approve one of President Bush's actions, I wouldn't really call this a veto, as it suggests that President Bush has some kind of authority over what Israel does or doesn't do.

Did Israel ask for Reagan's approval for the raid on the Osirak reactor?