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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A good friend of mine has just sent me the following text:

"Neil. I am collecting donations for the bankers. Please give anything you can. They are desperate. They might have to sack the gardener in their 5th Cotswold house".

I've asked him to put me down for 10p. Perhaps Bob Geldof will organise a concert for the poor things?


Anonymous said...

10p? I fear you are too kind hearted, Neil.

While times were good, these city-pigs were utterly drunken with obscene and ill-gotton wealth.

Now that luck has run out for some of them, I certainly wont be crying any crocodile tears to see them on hard times - just like the rest of us!

David Lindsay said...

I don't know which I'm happier about, staying out of the City or getting out of the Labour Party.

olching said...

There are few scenes funnier than stockBROKErs with their head in their hands.

Charlie Marks said...

AIG gave tons of cash lobbying the US Congress to keep out of regulating them - like the rest of the banks and big businesses do. Now they're in turmoil, they're running to politicians to get bailed out.

Spare a thought for those people who will join the city slickers in losing their jobs - those Lehman brothers offices won't need cleaning by low-paid staff anymore, security guards, etc.