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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The dying days of neo-conservatism

Serbia and Milosevic cleared of genocide. Condoleeza Rice announcing her intention to talk to Iran and Syria. And a record number of Americans in opposition to the Iraq war. These are bleak days indeed for the last few inhabitants of Planet Neo-Con and their 'liberal' imperialist allies.

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Grubby said...


I read about your tussle with Oliver Kamm. I had an email exchange with him a while back. After the Brockes affair I read about Kamm's own attacks on Chomsky. This lead me to read a little more about Kamm's political opinions. I decided to email him and voice my disapproval, specifically about his defence of Brockes.

His response was pretty nasty. He all but called me an idiot. In one email, he wrote this:

"On the contrary, no one, including Pofessor Chomsky and the Guardian's External
Adjudicator, has suggested Emma Brockes fabricated the quotations in her
interview. Those quotations are quite damning. Emma Brockes is a well-regarded
journalist. Chomsky is simply not taken seriously in the fields of politics
and history, and does have a record of fabricating his source material."

Wow. How can anyone take this man seriously?

Anyway, I'm just writing to offer my thanks. He is an arrogant bully more suited to working for a right wing think tank than in journalsim. If pseudo-journalists like him are not taken to task, we will all be worse off.

Nic Sadler