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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A bad day for Bosnia's neo-con backers

"Serbia has not committed genocide, through its organs or persons whose acts engage its responsiblity under customary international law. Serbia has not conspired to commit genocide, nor incited the commission of genocide, nor incited the commission of genocide. Serbia has not been complicit in genocide, in violation of its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment if the Crime of Genocide."

Ruling of the World Court yesterday.

Let's hope that neo-con/NWO apologists who feel obliged to write of 'Serbia's/Milosevic's genocidal aggression' whenever discussing the Balkans now have the good grace to desist from the practice.
UPDATE: Here's an excellent piece by John Laughland from today's Guardian, on how the World Court's ruling punctures the false claim that underpins the doctrine of illegal interventions.,,2023025,00.html


Njegos said...

It's interesting, isn't it Neil? The news was definitely downplayed in the Independent and the Guardian. I suspect it would have been the opposite if the judgment had gone the other way. This is a real blow for the the professional anti-Serb establishment especially since the judgment effectively exonerates Milosevic from genocide.

Imagine the dissapointment after all that time and effort invested in the
Evil Serb image.

Milosevic "cheats" justice again! How about that!

David Lindsay said...

So, what about the failure of Bosnia's loudest backers to "prevent or punish" the ongoing "crime of genocide" against, for example, the Chaldo-Assyrian Christians of Iraq?

What about the crimes of genocide perpetrated by such neocon darlings as the Holocaust-denier who re-created in 1990s Europe the full panoply of 1930s Fascism (Franjo Tudjman), the Wahhabi rabble-rouser who had been a recruitment sergeant for the SS (Alija Izetbegovic), and the filially black-shirted Wahhabi traffickers of the Taliban's heroin into Europe (the Kosovo "Liberation" Army)? What about the KLA's transformation, on the UN's watch, of putatively independent Kosovo into a Mafia fiefdom?

When is anyone going to challenge Clare Short and Private Eye about their new-found opposition to the neocon-Wahhabi alliance after they cheered it on at the tops of their voices in Yugoslavia?

And why does anyone still employ Stephen Pollard, Oliver Kamm, Johann Hari, David Aaronovitch, or any of the rest of them?

Cossack said...

The 'Grey Lady's' (New York Times - Feb 26 7:07 PM) headline is "Court Declares Bosnia Killings Were Genocide" and the article is authored by none other than the beloved(sic) MARLISE SIMONS.

Why oh why does is NOT surprise me that the 'authoritative' New York Times chooses to go with the above headline as opposed to the nearly ubiquitous headline, or a variation thereof, of nearly every other story in the media, hence "Court clears Serbia of Bosnia genocide"?

As I'm sure Neil is aware, Ms. Simons has done yeoman work in pushing and supporting the empire's predations in Yugoslavia, just as the NYT has done in terms of Iraq and is now preparing the terrain for Iran.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Sigh!

1defender said...

The NZtv website said that genocide was committed, I wrote to protest, this was the reply

Thank you for your email regarding the genocide story. The headline was indeed misleading and has been changed accordingly.........

The article has been taken off their website.
The more people that write to protest the better.

I know that this was no Marlise Simons but it may make a difference.