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Monday, October 28, 2013

US Trojan horse: NSA scandal shows Europe would be better off without Britain 

My new piece over at OpEdge.

Like the curious incident of the dog that didn’t bark in the nighttime in the classic Sherlock Holmes story Silver Blaze, the most revealing thing about the latest NSA spying revelations which made world headlines last week was the non-barking of the UK. 

You can read the whole piece here.


Phil said...

Fantastically straightforward article that simplifies and condenses everything you need to know about how disgraceful modern day western politicians are.

Russell Brand =
Fearless Future Spokesperson
Neil Clark =
Author For a Fearless Future
For a Future Free From Fear of Fear!!

Neil Clark said...

Many thanks Phil. That's much appreciated.

Mark said...

Spot on Neil. Cameron's terseness at the EU summit last week, followed by his thundering back home at 'irresponsible' journalists who risk 'national security' by circulating Snowden's revelations, was puke inducing. We are indeed America's Trojan horse in the EU; it's no surprise therefore that media impresarios for the 'special relationship' are nearly always also ardent Europhiles. The now disgraced Denis MacShane is a perfect exemplar of this type.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Mark- agreed. The US is desperate for UK to stay in EU. Blair being EU President wld have been game, set and match to the Atlanticists.

Peter Grafström said...

It would be interesting to know something about positive english reactions to Webster tarpleys 'against oligarchy'
I mention it because unlike in most other accounts England shows up as constantly sabotaging everybody including her allies, which gives an entirely different meaning to many events of the 20 century