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Monday, October 07, 2013

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: The Odd Couple

This piece of mine on the great comedy duo appears in the Daily Express.
Above you can enjoy some classic Pete and Dud.

PETER COOK and Dudley Moore were unlikely comic partners.
Cook was a middle-class public schoolboy from Torquay whose father was a colonial administrator in Nigeria. Moore was brought up on a council estate in Dagenham, his father was an electrician, his mother a typist.

Moore was born with a withered leg and a club foot and his mother's reaction on being introduced to baby Dudley was: "This isn't my child. I don't want him. Take him away." He was bullied at school on account of his deformities.

You can read the whole piece here. 


Chris Hall said...

Good article Neil, an interesting and nostalgic review. Brings back memories at school of that very much sought after LP, Derek and Clive

Neil Clark said...

Cheers, Chris. Many thanks.