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Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Venezuela's participatory democracy puts western 'democracy' to shame.

I’ve witnessed the self-assured superiority of Paris, the imperial arrogance of Washington, the capitalist decadence of New York’s Manhattan, parliamentary elections in Germany, and my fair share of elections in Britain. In none of them have I encountered a democratic political culture as profound as Venezuela’s.

You can read the whole of Ewan Robertson's report on Venezuela's elections here.

Contrast the genuine choices that the Venezuelan people have with the very limited choice on offer in the US Presidential election.

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neil craig said...

It is possible that part of the reason for Chavez' large number of activists is the large number of politically appointed jobs he dispenses.

To be fair we have the same - there is hardly a Labour or LibDem politician who has ever had a real job, rather than a political one or in a government or EU funded quango or fakecharity.

However the really big problem we have is that campaigns are now run almost entirely on the media and the British media, most of which is the state owned BBC (ITV being state regulated) "no longer makes even the pretence of impartiality" (Paxman) and absolutely censors any genuine debate or any non-statist dissidents, while promoting ecofascists at evert opportunity.