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Friday, September 21, 2012

Abuse of inmates happens in every Georgian jail, says torture whistleblower

President Saakashvili must step down if he is a democrat. But he’s no democrat. He keeps the entire nation in chaos and fear. He relies on criminals. He has people with blood on their hands working in high positions in the government.

Imagine if this scandal took place in Belarus. What a huge fuss there'd be. But it's happening in Georgia, a key US ally, so let's move on....

More on this shocking story here:



Anonymous said...

Prison rape is a very common subject of jokes in the U.S., which is a good barometer of the morality of the country. We are also still debating whether the country should torture people and attack foreign countries for no reason, so I would not be surprised if this story gets little traction in the States.

Chris Hall said...

Torture, abuse, rape, anyone would think Saakashvili was touting for some prime rendition work for his prison system.

Kevin said...

Zrdragon12 is doing excellent work in standing up to that paranoid fanatic 'Philip Cross' on Wikipedia. You really ought to post about this individual again.

Neil Clark said...

John: good point
Lansbury's Lido: quite.
Kevin: It seems that only pro-war 'liberal interventionists' are allowed to edit certain wikipedia pages. Like Cross and his associate 'elena zam

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