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Monday, April 04, 2011

Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney: two peas in a pod

This article of mine appears in today's First Post.

Neil Clark: Swearing saga proves again that Rooney is only as aggressive and petulant as his manager.

Just when you thought Wayne Rooney couldn't sink any lower, he goes and does just that. Last summer, after England fans who had paid a fortune for their tickets had booed Rooney and his team-mates after their abysmal 0-0 draw with Algeria in the World Cup, the striker turned aggressively to the television cameras and said: "Nice to see your home fans boo you - that's loyal supporters."

On Saturday, as he celebrated a hat-trick for Manchester United against West Ham, he turned directly to a Sky TV camera and started yelling "fuck" at the nation, thus confirming his status as the most unsavoury character in world football.

You can read the whole of the article here.


Anonymous said...

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Witch-king of Angmar said...

To say that this article is disappointing and way off mark is the understatement of the season. I can go on a littany of reasons of what's wrong with it but I'll just give here what is particularly over the top.

Rooney "the most unsavoury character in world football"?????? With Joey Barton, Craig Bellamy and Sepp Blatter around????? You can not be serious!!!

Come on Neil, you can do better then this!

DBC Reed said...

Normally I don't have much time for Rooney,although his work-rate is exemplary.He tracks back too much,if anything.
It now appears that film crew have,after his outburst at the end of the Algeria World Cup game,taken to pursuing Rooney,hoping,no doubt ,for a similar reaction.He seems to have reacted this time to having the camera thrust aggressively into his face.Not surprisingly.
I am not keen on the slight England were a disgrace in the World Cup undertow to this piece.
England completed a remarkable come back by half time in the game against Germany only to have Lampard's equaliser ruled out by half-wit officials.If referees are to earn respect they should face the summary sackings and demotions to the reserves that managers and players face.