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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

11 killed and hundreds are injured in Minsk metro explosion.

Terrible news from Belarus- 11 people killed- and hundreds injured- in a rush-hour blast on the Minsk underground, close to the main office and residence of President Lukashenko.

More details here and here

If this was terrorism, as seems likely, what a truly evil act.

UPDATE: The death toll of yesterday's horrific attack has now risen to 12.

More news on developments here and here.
FURTHER UPDATE- Wednesday afternoon: The authorities in Belarus say that the Minsk metro bombing case has been 'solved' - and that the perpetrators have been arrested. More details here.


Douglas said...

Evil indeed.

Your blog is the first report I've read of this attack.

UPI says "Several suspects have been detained in the terror attack on a subway attack in Minsk, Belarus..." So whether it is or not, a narrative is emerging that it is.

There doesn't seem to be anyone claiming responsibility yet, but there is someone disavowing responsibility.

Alexander Milinkevich announced that the For Freedom movement in Belarus had nothing to do with the attack. Did you think they might have?

Do you consider this to be Islamic terror, or terror from some other source?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,

Bit too early to say who we think is responsible, but there have been some arrests.
All we can say is that whoever did this is truly evil.

for latest developments:

Tomorrow will be a day of mourning in Belarus.

Neil Clark said...

Also, the latest on the attacks from the state news agency in Belarus

jack said...

I have a feeling that this is the new strategy of Britain and the US to destabilise Belarus wither it be via Chechen proxy or organised crime which are one in the same who do not want a Slavic union consisting of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus which the mass media will no doubt blame the attack on the Belarusian security services KGB itself.

Gregor said...

'If this was terrorism, as seems likely, what a truly evil act.'

I wish this went without saying, but given how many apologists there are for terrorist atacks on Russia and Serbia, I guess that it doesn't.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Gregor,

Czarny Kot said...

Bombing a crowded underground system requires a distinct lack of basic humanity and can be safely labelled as 'evil'.

This is true whether the attack takes place in New York, London, Paris, Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow...

Those in the media, who have chosen to give this atrocity a fraction of the coverage it would have recieved if it had happened in Manchester or Berlin (or even Warsaw) should remember this.

So should those further from the mainstream media who instantly condemn attacks in Moscow and Minsk as pure evil yet seem to find motives for those who carry out similar massacres in the US and UK.

To see this kind of terrorism in Belarus is very surprising. My faith in humanity is not yet so shaken that I could believe that it was the work of Belarussians (anti-government or security forces), killing thier own compatriots for purely political reasons.

It is certainly too early for crazed conspiracy theories...

jack said...

Looks like my suspicions maybe right as it is reported that the main suspect is a member of a Chechen affiliated terrorist group.

“Viktor Dvorakovsky Suspected of Minsk Subway Bombing

BELARUS/RUSSIA – Life News reports a Russian identified as 23-year-old Viktor Dvorakovsky is suspected of blowing up the Oktyabrsky subway station in Minsk on 11 April. A police sketch of the suspected terrorist in Minsk closely resembles photos of Dvorakovsky. His family tells the FSB that they haven’t seen him for nearly six months.

RETWA readers will recall our earlier reporting that Russian authorities were hunting Dvorkovsky as a possible suicide bomber who might be planning an attack in Moscow. Authorities still do not know his whereabouts. He is a close associate of Vitaliy Razdobudko who blew himself in a car at a police checkpoint in Dagestan earlier in the year. Dvorkovsky, like Razdobudko, is also believed to be a member of the Nogaisky djamaat.”

neil craig said...

"they figured out these miscreants without leaving their offices"

Claude Raines in Casablanca "Arrest the usual suspects".

Not saying they haven't got the right ones but I would have been happier if it had been a little more difficult

FaridaSamatha said...

Whoever did this heidious terrorist attack should be punished and should be found. Let's hope the Belarussian authorities will find out the perpetrators and have them punished severely. Let's hope the people of Belarus recover. Have a happy Good Friday, Holy Week. Arbor Day for trees and Happy Earth Day!