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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The plot to make Banana Man PM

Confused about what's going on in British politics?

Perhaps this article and this one can shed some light on the situation.
Richard Littlejohn accuses the much maligned Gordon Brown of engineering ‘a cynical coup attempt’.

I think he’s got the wrong man.


Chris H said...

Can someone explain to Littlejohn the difference between a Parliamentary democracy and a Presidential system? If he can't get that right then nowt else right is going to follow.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Chris,
I don't think we can expect too much from a man who, on the subject of Saddam's mythical WMD, wrote in The Sun:
"He’s got them. We know he’s got them. He knows we know he’s got them."

jock mctrousers said...

Great! We'll have a choice between the Tory friends of Israel or direct rule from Israel under Microband. Sigh.

DBC Reed said...

Funnily enough when I proclaimed that I thought an anti-public sector coup was going on when Clegg first sought an arrangement with the Conservatives ,I did so in the John Redwood blog and found myself apologising later for exaggeration.Then of course a reverse Lib/lab stitch up hove into view and not only the Mail but the Telegraph screamed Coup (in a front-page headline).

David Lindsay said...

Miliband vs Miliband would be ideal, because nothing could better encapsulate the takeover of the Labour Party, well within 20 years, by a subculture defined by its vitriolic hatred of that party, by an almost complete ignorance of it, and by an utter incomprehension of, combined with a pathological distaste for, most of its Fabian and all of its non-Fabian roots: Radical Liberal, Tory populist, trade union, co-operative, Christian Socialist, Social Catholic and Distributist, and so on.

Even if there is only one Miliband on the ballot paper, there will be no one who stands in any of those traditions, never mind anyone who understands them all, values them all, draws on them all, or has even so much as heard of at least some of them. Instead, it will all be about “the progressive Centre Left”, which means something else entirely, and which specifically refers to where the wealthy anti-Labour Leftist faction of political apparatchiki and their media retainers has ended up.

Will everyone else finally get the message? It is time to start again.