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Friday, May 21, 2010

Britain's Great Train Robbery set to continue under the 'progressive' Coalition

Around 70% of the public want to see our railways renationalised- so what does our 'progressive' and oh so 'democratic' coalition advocate? Longer franchises for the profiteering train companies. And for Britain’s long suffering rail commuters, there’s more hardship to come. We already have by far the highest train fares in Europe (mmm, I wonder why that is?), and they’re set to go even higher.

Not only that but the Coalition wants to part-privatise the Royal Mail, in state hands since the 16th century, and allow private businesses to bid for and run state schools.

Nick Clegg talks about empowering the people, but the only thing this neo-liberal government is empowering is capital. New politics? It’s just more of the same old neo-liberalism we’ve had to endure over the past thirty years.

Reaction to the Coalition’s Thatcherite programme here and here.

Come along and join the anti-neoliberal resistance.


Mr. Piccolo said...

Great post, Mr. Clark. Are people in Great Britain being turned off of politics because of this sort of thing? It sometimes really seems like neoliberalism is invincible within the political arena, so I wonder if this makes a lot of people just throw up their hands.

In the U.S., the populist economic Left is basically dead. The only thing like a popular movement against the status quo is the Tea Party movement, which often involves working-class or middle-class people fighting for policies that will make their economic situation worse. It is all very depressing. I hope things are better on your side of the Atlantic.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Mr Piccolo, many thanks.
I'm afraid things aren't much better here at all- see my latest post. Opposing the new ultra neoliberal coalition government (which has two hardline neocon hawks as Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary) and stopping the Blairite neoliberal David Miliband from becoming the next Labour leader are very important tasks.