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Monday, May 03, 2010

Do not vote for the Socialist Labour Party

If you agree that the banks and financial institutions should always be bailed out by the government then do not vote for the SLP.

If you agree that the bankers, speculators and hedge fund operators should continue to heap lavish bonuses upon themselves then do not vote for the SLP.

If you believe that the NHS should continue to be sliced up and hawked off to private enterprise where profit comes first then do not vote for the SLP.

If you believe that the gap in wealth between a tiny financial elite and the rest of the population should continue to increase then do not vote for the SLP.

If you agree that British soldiers and innocent civilians should continue to die in foreign wars fought for control of energy supplies, when Britain as an island stands on hundreds of years of coal then do not vote for the SLP.

If you believe that Britain should have no manufacturing industry of its own and should rely on imports of essential supplies from the most unstable regions of the world then do not vote for the SLP.

I might also add, if you believe that the wars against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq were good things, do not vote for the SLP.

And if you believe that Britain’s railways, public transport, energy and water companies are better off in the private sector, do not vote for the SLP.


Steve Hayes said...

How many constituencies have SKP candidates? Perhaps in those that don't SLP supporters should vote for the Lib-Dems, in the hope that a proportional representation system will allow the SLP to have a proportionate representation in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Sad to relate the SLP have only eighteen candidates. (

Neil Clark said...

Hi Steve,
That sounds good advice, we urgently need to change to pr. There are also a handful of Labour MPs whose anti-war credentials are excellent, such as John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn, and also the candidates of Respect too, particularly George Galloway in Poplar and Limehouse and Salma Yaqoob. With neo-con induced scaremongering over the 'threat' from Iran likely to increase over the summer, it's crucially important that we get as many anti-war MPs in Parliament as possible.

Neil Clark said...

The SLP have 24 candidates and you can read about them here.

David Lindsay said...

While the SLP is certainly a force against the neoconservative war agenda and its assaults on liberty at home, including against any new Cold War with either or both of Russia and China, it is not even potentially part of the urgently necessary alliance in that cause between the traditional Left and the traditional Right.

Having abandoned the pit villages and similar communities for the farther shores of Marxism, it is not a voice of the socially and culturally conservative, strongly patriotic tendencies within the British Left's traditional electoral base.

It therefore does not recognise that we cannot deliver the welfare provisions and the other public services that our people have rightly come to expect unless we know how many people there are in this country, unless we control immigration properly, and unless we insist that everyone use spoken and written English to the necessary level.

Nor is it among those who refuse to allow climate change to be used as an excuse to destroy or prevent secure employment, to drive down wages or working conditions, to arrest economic development around the world, to forbid the working classes and non-white people from having children, to inflate the fuel prices that always hit the poor hardest, or to restrict either travel opportunities or a full diet to the rich.

So we must look elsewhere, and indeed to ourselves for the re-emergence of a party the priorities of which included the Welfare State, workers' rights, trade unionism, the co-operative movement, consumer protection, strong communities, conservation rather than environmentalism, fair taxation, full employment, public ownership, proper local government, a powerful Parliament, and a base of real property from which every household could resist both over-mighty commercial interests and an over-mighty State, while having a no less absolute commitment to any or all of the monarchy, the organic Constitution, national sovereignty, civil liberties, the Union, the Commonwealth, the countryside, grammar schools, traditional moral and social values, controlled importation and immigration, and a realistic foreign policy.

Let's get on with it.