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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson R.I.P.

What a very sad story. A much-loved wife and mother of two dies at the age of 45 after a seemingly innocuous fall on a nursery ski-slope.

Above you can watch a slide show of stills featuring Natasha Richardson (and Colin Firth and Kenneth Branagh) from that great 1980s Britfilm ‘A Month in the Country‘.
The video was made by 'annie2shoes' and you can see more of her excellent work here.

Among the many tributes to Ms Richardson, the one that caught my eye was from Martha Stewart:

'A real reminder of how precious life is and how quickly it can be gone.'


ematejoca said...

It's a terrible, awful tragedy. We should always remember how precious is our life and don´t always worry about unimportant things. It´s really a very sad day!

Anonymous said...

There was something deeply endearing and compelling about that woman. I had a crush on her from years back but she went off my radar screen when she settled in the U.S.

There are some interviews here

Such a sexy laugh-I m going to get every DVD of her i can get my hands on!

B.T.W. - Whats happened to 'The Exile'?

Anonymous said...

I am astonished and very pleased to see my video on your blog! Thank you very much!
Love Annie