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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Let's make Tony Bliar answer for his crimes

Thank you to regular commenter 'Dan from Portsmouth' for pointing out that there is an online petition, organised by the Blair War Crimes Foundation (BWCF), calling for Tony Bliar to be indicted for war crimes. The petition sets out in detail the charges against Bliar relating to the illegal war against Iraq; let's hope a similar petition is soon up and running in relation to the illegal war against Yugoslavia in 1999.

You can sign the petition here. Please take the 20 seconds or so to do so and then email the link to your friends. The more people who sign the better (currently there are around 2,000 signatures).

Let's try and do all we can to make sure that this time next year, Bliar is not gallivanting round the world earning a fortune, but sitting in a small and none too comfortable prison cell.


David Lindsay said...

With "clawbacks" being mooted, perhaps we can claw back some of the gargantuan wealth that Tony Blair has accrued, and is continuing to accrue, as his reward?

neil craig said...

There is something very distasteful about people who supported illegal wars (Short, Livingstone & the entire LibDems) & indeed genocide in support of open (ex-)Nazis allegedly finding their consciences over the illegal, but not so undeniably so, war against Iraq.