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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

France turns its back on Gaullism

The greatest Frenchman who ever lived will be turning in his grave tonight.


Dan, portsmouth said...

Goodness me, he is competing with Blair

David Lindsay said...

The Statement of Principles of the Henry Jackson Society calls, in the Chirac years, for Germany to run the single EU "defence" "capability" under overall American control. But since Sarkozy took over, Denis MacShane, in particular, has made it perfectly clear that France would do at least as well.

And now this.

A new de Gaulle is needed, to restore good conservative dirigisme in opposition to the capitalist corrosion of everything that conservatives exist in order to conserve. And, inseparably therefrom, to restore an independent French foreign policy drawing on the glorious battles against all four of German occupation, Soviet infiltration, American domination, and the unbalancing of the nascent EU by British accession.

The next Presidential Election awaits.

Sarkozy simply has to go.

Charlie Marks said...

Not surprising, but sad.

neil craig said...

Danny Cohn-Bendit who led the Paris rioting aganst de Gaulle as "Danny the Red" is now a senior french & EU politicians known as "Danny the Green". He recently went to Prague to upbraid Vaclav Klaus for saying global warming is a lie & Al Gore insane

I think that says everything one needs to know about the "socialist revolutionaries" who are now the corrupt cosmopolitan bureaucratic parasites who made the EUSSR what it is today.