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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vichy France lives again

The greatest leader France ever had must be turning in his grave at the actions of the biggest betrayer of French national interests since General P├ętain.


Anonymous said...

Sarkozy is a national disgrace and I think that most of those who were silly enough to vote for him last May now realise their mistake.

David Lindsay said...

But of course the neocons Sarkozy and Kouchner want a single EU defence "capability", and want France to be a fully integrated part of NATO.

Like all neocons, they want, as set out in (for example) the Statement of Principles of the Henry Jackson Society, what every American administration since the Forties has wanted: a single European defence "capability" under overall American command.

When will Eurosceptics get over the United States (and Americosceptics get over the EU), the driving force behind the federalist project since its inception, and the reason why we are in the EU at all?

Still, NATO will exist for precisely so long as the Americans fail to cotton on that they get nothing out of it except the bill. Once they do that, then it will be wound up, as it should have been in 1991. This cannot possibly happen too soon.

Jock McTrousers said...

Not to mention the turning over of control of France's nuclear weapons to Nato (i.e. U.S.) under the European Defence Initiative. Anyone know anything new (or at all) about that - I read a few paragraphs about it last year, but since then there's been an eery silence.

Douglas said...

I see that Godwin's Law has taken effect here.

Andy Warhol said that in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. I believe that in the future, every will be famous, naked, and compared to Hitler for 15 minutes.

This post is quite unfortunate, as it trivializes the evil of Nazi Germany. President Bush has killed no Jews in his administration, neither has he attempted or advocated the killing of Jews. He thus deserves no comparison to Hitler.

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied the Holocaust (which I grant him the right to do, BTW), repeatedly called for Israel's destruction, and repeatedly referred to Israel's destruction as a foregone conclusion. If you must compare someone to Hitler, compare this man.

On an unrelated note, I like Carla Bruni dressing like Lady Penelope!

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

anonymous; agreed.

David: totally agreed except for the bit where you say that "Americans get nothing out of it (NATO) except the bill.
NATO helped prise open Yugoslavia to US capital and is a mechanism for opening up new markets to US and western capital, and making sure that those that are already opened up, stay open. The average American gets nothing from NATO but US capital undoubtedly does.

jock: good point.

douglas: great to hear from you.
My analogy is an accurate one. Vichy France appeased a bullying imperialist power which illegally invaded sovereign states on fraudulent grounds for economic and hegemonic reasons. The current French President is doing the same. I'm not saying that Bush is equally as evil as Hitler, as you seem to think I am, but no one can deny that when it comes to foreign policy the style is very similar- making threats against countries that don't toe the line-and then invading them on fraudulent grounds. Both Nazi Germany and today's US and Britain have contempt for the sovereignty of countries they don't like.
ps if you want to look for people who trivialise the crimes of Nazi Germany, there are plenty of neo-con/liberal interventionists out there who minimise the Nazi genocide by accusing leaders who don't do their bidding (eg Milosevic) of committing genocide despite the complete absence of evidence.

Neil Clark said...

ps Douglas- but Lady Penelope without her cigarette holder isn't Lady Penelope....Poor old LP would be arrested in today's 'free and liberal' Britain for smoking.