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Monday, April 28, 2008

Manchester United: 2007/8 Champion Whingers

Like many other football fans I've been thrilled by some of Manchester United's attacking football this season. What a shame though that the Red Devils have been such bad losers. On nearly every occasion United have lost this season, Sir Alex Ferguson and his charmless assistant Carlos Queiroz have blamed refereeing decisons. They were at it again on Saturday in the aftermath of United's 2-1 defeat by Chelski.
Yet, they really had very little to complain about, as video replays of the incidents in question proved. I'm no fan of Chelski, but compare the graceful way Avram Grant's side reacted to their shock FA Cup exit to Barnsley, with the way Man United behaved after being eliminated by Portsmouth. Chelski shook hands with all the Barnsley players and wished their conquerors all the best. There were no complaints from Grant about penalties that should have been given or biased refereeing. United by contrast lambasted the match officials, preferring to blame them and not their own poor finishing.

Will United prevail in the title race? Who knows. But one thing's for sure. United have already replaced Arsenal as British football's Champion Whingers.
And given Arsene Whinger's record, that's no mean feat.


PJD said...

United were obviously annoyed about their defeat to Portsmouth due to the obvious penalty that wasn't given for Distin's foul on Ronaldo.

Chelsea's bad loser record has only improved since Mourinho left. And don't forget Arsenal v Chelsea in the Carling Cup final?

Referee's are very reluctant to give United penalties now and they have the be cast iron ones like against Arsenal and Barcelona whereas they could have got one at least one against Blackburn, another away to Barcelona and another at home and two against Chelsea. Rugby tackling Ronaldo in the penalty area while a corner is floated in appears to be a fair tactic now.

Neil Clark said...

good points, pjd, but don't you think these things level themselves out? United themselves have benefited from refereeing mistakes in the past- do you remember the goal Tottenham scored at Old Trafford a couple of years ago that wasn't given. It would have given Tottenham a 1-0 win.

I agree with you about Chelsea. They were shocking losers under Mourinho.

Steve Platt said...

Want to join the Almost Supporting Chelski Fan Club? I'm increasingly disappointed in Sir Alex, whose working-class, gum-chewing, socialist credentials would make him the perfect manager if only he wasn't such a bad loser.