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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chris Rea on The Bliar's Road to Hell

There's a great interview with the very talented musician and The Exile look-alike Chris Rea (above), in the Sunday Express:

"He's best known for gentle ballads like 'On the Beach' and 'Josephine',latterly moving into cool blues, but mention our former Premier and his successor and Chris Rea's Italian blood starts to boil uncontrollably. "He's a bxxxxx murderer. How did the Catholic faith allow Blair in? I understood there had to be absolution before you could become a Catholic. What a dumb thing to do, to tell a man who sent war planes to bomb women and children that he could be a Catholic". And he's just getting started. He wants the Government to retreat from the world stage and put Britain first... "I hate Tony Blair. There is nothing more heartbreaking than a frightened child. He talks about this international xxxx while our country has children who are living on the poverty line and battered women with nowhere to run. This government wastes so much money and it has got to stop. Gordon Brown needs to sort out our hospitals and take care of the people of Britain first. Take it for granted, I'm going to be screaming at our government from the roof tops".

Well, Chris Rea doesn't just look like our blogging friend The Exile, he also shares his (and my) views on The Bliar. And if you want to stop The Bliar from becoming EU President, as the neocons would love him to be, then please spend a few seconds in signing the 'Stop Blair' petition of the European Tribune website. (And if you've already signed, please tell a friend). There's now over 26,500 signatures: that's about 26,490 more than a 'Blair for EU President' petition would be able to muster.

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Roland Hulme said...

I guess Catholicism is more about buggering altar boys than launching invasions. Except the crusades. You know, an unprovoked aggression into the middle east sponsored by the Church. Much like some people say the Iraq war is.