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Monday, April 30, 2007

The warped mind of Jawad Akbar

Five members of an Islamic terror gang who planned a bombing campaign in Britain have been handed out life sentences at the Old Bailey today. The views of the gang are chilling, and will make disturbing reading for those who still believe hard-line Islamic views can be accommodated in a society which respects equality of the sexes.

Some gang members favoured bombing the Ministry of Sound nightclub in south London. One of the plotters, Jawad Akbar, was heard to reason: "No one can ever turn around and say: 'Oh they were innocent, those slags dancing around. '"

Can't they, Mr Akbar? Perhaps it's the old contrarian in me, but I think I will 'turn around' and say that 'slags dancing around', as you put it, are not deserving of being blown to kingdom come. Anyone who agrees with Mr Akbar on this issue should, I respectfully suggest, take the next flight out of the country.

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