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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

'Liberation Day'- Four Years On

It's four years since the toppling of Saddam's statue in Baghdad brought whoops of delight from the little band of neo-conservative warmongers whose machinations had done so much to bring the Iraq war about. William Shawcross, writing in the Wall Street Journal ,was ecstatic.

April 9th--Liberation Day! What a wonderful, magnificent, emotional occasion--one that will live in legend like the fall of the Bastille, V-E Day or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Watching the tearing down of Saddam Hussein's towering statue in Baghdad was a true Ozymandias moment.

Shawcross couldn't resist a barb at those beastly anti-war spoilsports who had opposed the illegal invasion: "All those smart Europeans who ridiculed George Bush and denigrated his idea that there was actually a better future for the Iraqi people--they will now have to think again."

Really, William? Since the day that Saddam's statue was toppled, an estimated 600,000 people have lost their lives in Iraq. The only people who need to "think again" are not those "smart Europeans" who opposed the war, but those far from "smart" people who faithfully parroted- for whatever reasons- the official US/UK propaganda.

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