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Friday, April 13, 2007

It's time to deport Berezovsky

Any other asylum seeker who plots for the violent overthrow of his country's democratically elected government- and brags about it to a national newspaper- could reasonably expect to be deported. But not it seems if you're a billionaire business partner of George Bush's brother.,,2056321,00.html


Martin said...


Rc said...

Send him back, indeed, lest he become the Russian Chalabi.

David Lindsay said...

Yes, Berezovsky should now be deported.

But we must not take our eye of Putin's Russia. Putin can turn off our gas any time he likes, which is why we desperately need plenty of civil nuclear energy, the real nuclear deterrent.

And Putin intends to back two parties at once in the next elections, one of which pretends to be patriotic and socially conservative in order to attract traditional right-wing voters, the other of which pretends to be Socialist in order to attract traditional left-wing voters, and each of which pretends to be separate from the other one, from the State, and from the dodgy super-rich.

Remind you of anywhere?