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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ripping off the public

Would you be surprised to learn that poorer sections of the population have benefited disproportionately from privatised, deregulated services, but that they are getting distinctly inferior treatment from services still being run by the state? asks Janet Daley in the Daily Telegraph.

Well, yes I would Janet. The whole point of privatising and deregulating services was- and still is- to benefit big business and make the 'poorer sections of the community' even poorer (and everyone else for that matter).
Has Ms Daley ever bought a ticket to travel on Britain's privatised railways, I wonder? Has she ever received a gas, electricity or water bill from Britain's privatised utility companies?
If so, she would realise that there is one thing worse than services 'still run by the state'. And that's services run by greedy private companies.

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