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Saturday, March 24, 2007

One law for us, one law for them,,2041706,00.html

What do you think the British authorities reaction would be if Iranian rigid inflatables were patrolling the English Channel and making random searches of vessels? Somehow, I don't think it would be very different to the way the Iranians reacted yesterday.


David Lindsay said...

Surely this cannot have been a deliberately provocative act? After all, people are realising that oil-rich Iran is a huge and multi-ethnic emerging democracy which does not tow the line of the Neocon Empire, but also that it is not developing nuclear weapons, that the Supreme Leader there has indeed issued a fatwa against them, and that the current President is on the way out anyway.

So some other reason now has to concocted to steal its oil, and to dismantle its enormous, ethnically diverse democracy which stubbornly remains outside the Empire, just as was done to Yugoslavia.

TheRedLeopard said...

The timing of this whole affair looks very suspicious to me. The British sailors have admitted they were in Iranian waters. They would have known what the Iranian reaction would be. When the inevitable happens, and the sailors are detained, have British politicians on hand to denounce the Iranian "aggression" and for neo-cons to say "there you go, we told you what the Iranians are like".
I might be wrong, but the whole thing looks as if it was designed to try and get an even tougher line on Iran at today's UN vote.