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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crossing the Rubicon: 24th March 1999

It was a great honour to attend and speak at a recent meeting in the Houses of Parliament to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. 11 honourable MPs voted against the NATO aggression in 1999, including Tony Benn, Alice Mahon, and Bob Wareing, all of whom were present and spoke at the meeting. We must never forget the significance of what happened eight years ago: for the first time NATO launched a war of aggression which was not only in contravention of the UN Charter, but also in contravention of its own consitutition, which authorised military action only in the case of an attack on a member state. As Mark Littman QC has stressed, the night of 24th March 1999, when NATO planes took off to bomb Yugoslavia, was a historic landmark in the post-WW2 world. For it was at that moment that the post-war international settlement, based on the respect for the sovereignty of nations and adherence to international law was torn up. As we survey the devastation of Iraq nightly on our television screens, and consider the nightmarish developments in Kosovo, where over 200,00 Serbs, Roma, Jews and other minorities have been ethnically cleansed since the "humanitarian" intervention, we can see quite clearly where contempt for international law, national sovereignty, and the Charter of the United Nations has led us.


estarion said...

Yes. In that respect, I can't understand everybody's resentment for Dubya, when his politics were only a logical continuation of Clinton's foreign policy.

steppling said...

excellent neil.
And now we have darfur.....more bombs more bullshit.

TheRedLeopard said...

Clinton and Bush are two sides of the same coin and the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same War Party. Everyone takes it for granted that Al Gore wouldn't have attacked in Iraq had he been President in 2003, but I'm not so sure. He certainly didn't have too many problems with bombing Serbia.

David Lindsay said...


Only new, bottom-up parties will restore globally exemplary British respect for the sovereignty of nations and adherence to international law, armed with a UN Security Council veto.

And very many thanks for the link, Neil. I'll soon be returning the compliment, when someone shows me how to do it!

Nikola said...

I was there the other evening and your speech was the best of the lot.

grapesofplenty said...

Nice post, Neil. We shouldn't forget what happened in 1999 as it definitely paved the way for Iraq.