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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

June 28th : An Important Anniversary

It's exactly five years ago today that President Milosevic of Yugoslavia was illegally kidnapped and sent to the kangaroo court at The Hague, established and funded by the very powers who had waged illegal war against his country two years earlier.
It is also the anniversary of another important event in recent Balkan history: Milosevic's speech at Kosovo field in 1989. According to the NWO Rewrite of History, this was the occasion on which Milosevic 'whipped up ancient ethnic hatreds' as part of a devilish plan to cement his domestic power base.
I enclose a link to a translation of the whole speech below. Read it and then reflect on why the propagandists for the NWO have been so keen to misrepresent its contents.


1defender said...

Thank you Neil for remembering and reminding. The black hole keeps getting bigger and bigger. Has Serbia hit rock bottom? One can only hope so because the only way left is up.

Peter Nolan said...

Kinda like Nelson Mandela, except the protest songs aren't as good, huh?

Neil, did you ever get around to rebutting those absolutely terrible libels written by Timothy Garten Ash, Michael Ignatieff and Samantha Powers or does their account of events have to stand as the historical record?