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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's time to make murderers pay the ultimate price

Another day, another story of horrific murder in Britain. 18 year old former public schoolgirl Kemi Adeyoola stabbed defenceless 84- year old Anne Mendel 14 times in a fiendish, premeditated murder for 'research' into a book she was planning to write. Adeyoola is expected to be sentenced to life imprisonment-but don't bank on her spending her life behind bars: the average 'life' sentence in Britain is now just over ten years.
There are those on the liberal- left, (Polly Toynbee and Roy Hattersley to name but two) who think rising violent crime is an invention of the tabloid press. But ostrich-style poses aren't going to solve the problem.
The restoration of capital punishment is not the only measure we need to take- but it would at least be a start. It would be a clear and unequivocal statement from our society on the high value we place on human life and why we regard those who take the lives of others as having irrevocably broken their contract with society.
Anne Mendel's bereaved husband Leonard has moved to Israel to live with his daughter. He obviously feels that even with the instability and dangers there- it's still a safer option than the mean streets of London.
What an indictment that is.

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