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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Long Live Yugoslavia!

No matter what The Empire and its emissaries do, Yugoslavia will never die so long as it lives on in people's hearts.
Here are the statements of the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia and the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia on recent events in Montenegro.
As the latter says 'the idea of unity will live for ever and will outlive the secessionists and traitors of every colour'.

League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia SKOJ statement:

“We do not accept the imperialist break-up of Serbia and Montenegro. Western imperialism, led by the USA, in the referendum of 21 May 2006 in Montenegro unfortunately realized its destructive goal of creating the project begun in 1990 of totally smashing the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was the equal-rights union of Yugoslav nations and ethnic minorities and the first socialist state in the history of Yugoslavia.

The first phase of the final blow of western imperialism on the remnants of Yugoslavia was carried out on 4 February 2003, when the bourgeois pro-imperialist counter-revolutionary regimes in Belgrade and Podgorica resolved to terminate the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and the second and final phase was executed this past Saturday in the “referendum” in Podgorica. Although the League of communist youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ), as the youth movement of the new Communist Party ofYugoslavia (NKPJ), categorically stood against the dissolution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and against the creation of the union of con-federal creatures of Serbia and Montenegro under the control of the pro-imperialist regime in Belgrade and Podgorica. SKOJ supported the call of the Party to working people, anti-imperialists, patriotsand progressive citizens in Montenegro to make clear their opposition to the secession of Montenegro, primarily because something so retrograde was the primary goal of western imperialism under the leadership of the USA.

The goal of western imperialism is to realize political, economic, and militaryexpansion to the east, toward Russia, among other things, and to destroy the unity of Serbia and Montenegro was also demolish the mutual tolerance between the working class of Montenegro and the working class of Serbia. SKOJ unshakably stands on the positions of the International Communist Youth against change of borders in the Balkans that were established after the Second World War. The policy “the worse, the better” is the basic idea of western imperialism on the territory of former Yugoslavia. SKOJ expresses deep regret and bitterness at the destruction of the state of Serbia and Montenegro by the fraudulent “referendum” perpetrated under the umbrella of the European Union. Many unassailable facts show that the secession of Montenegro had been planned jointly by Djukanovic’s pro-imperialist bourgeois regime with the leadership of the EU and the USA. Numerous moves and measures of the pro-imperialist government in Podgorica on the eve and in the courseof the referendum were undertaken by arrangement with the western masters. The referendum question in large measure suggests an answer in favor oftermination of the common state. Besides that, the organizers of the “referendum” had to resort to gross fabrications together with the active participation of EU representatives Lajcik and Lipka. Also, on the eve of the “referendum” Djukanovic’s pro-imperialist separatistregime used the controlled pupprt-state media to intensify the separatist atmosphere and anti-Serb mood. Many examples were recorded of arrests of anti-secession activists and ofattempts to falsify lists of voters, as well as other irregularities. Montenegro’s citizens resident in Serbia were denied their right to vote on 21 May. Milo Djukanovic’s and Montenegro’s pro-imperialist campaign was also supported by some pro-imperialist bourgeois parties in Serbia, the most influential being the part of the regime in power in Belgrade.

SKOJ, with disgust, rejects the recognition by the Belgrade regime of the“referendum” results. This clearly shows, despite their pro-forma support of a unified state their pro-imperialist orientation. The people of Serbia and Montenegro are fore-ordained by destiny to live in aunified state and to share the good and the bad.The idea of living together in one state is eternal and will outlive thesecessionists and traitors of all stripes. The day will come when the working class of Montenegro and the working class of Serbia will unite andsay NO to their pro-imperialist rulers and extend the hand to their proletarian brothers and sisters from the territory of our socialistfatherland, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, in the struggle for true freedom, equality and independence. This will come about only by driving out imperialism from our territory.

Long live the brotherhood and unity of Serbia and Montenegro!
Long live the brotherhood and unity of the peoples of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia!
The Balkans belong to the Balkan peoples!
23 May 2006
.Central Committee of the League of the Communist Youth of Yugoslavia
CK SKOJBelgrade

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia Statement

The Montenegro's Independence "Vote" is a Foul Play. The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia was greatly saddened and terribly upset to learn of the strangulation of the Serbia and Montenegro state. In actual fact the Montenegro's independence "vote" doctored by theEuropean Union is a foul play. We will therefore readily fall in with the Common State Bloc and rejectthe "vote" straightaway.Numerous irrefutable facts prove that the secession of Montenegro hadbeen brokered by the Djukanovic's separatists, the leaders of theEuropean Union and the United States.Evidence of this is manifest first of all in the efforts and measurestaken by the government in Podgorica on the eve of and in the course ofthe "vote" with its western mentors helpfully standing by.Even the wording of the independence "vote" was leading in favor of dissolution of the Union.Whats more, to accomplish their aim, the organizers of the "vote" had to take resort to gross fabrications, with the active assistance of the EU representatives Lajcik and Lipka.For the people of Serbia and Montenegro the community of state is the destiny as is sharing good times and bad. The idea of unity will live forever and will outlive the secessionists and traitors of every color.

25 May 2006
On behalf of the NKPJ [signed] Branko Kitanovic

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I suppose not, until those people in turn die. How many members has this organisation?