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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Quick Balkan Quiz

Here's three quotes from Yugoslav politicians.

1.' Socialism, in particular, being a progressive and just society, should not allow people to be divided by national or religious identity'.

2.I would never allow a Serb, Jew or gypsy to marry into my family'

3.'The first and most important lesson from the Koran is the impossibility of any connection between Islamic and non-Islamic systems'

Which one of those statements do you agree with ? Yes, I thought so. Me too. It's by Milosevic.
Which two leaders did the West side with? Yes, the ones who came out with Quotes Two and Three.


Steve Edwards said...

As a reactionary, I must confess to not agreeing with ANY of the statements, but it is illuminating that "we" chose to side with the Islamic fanatic and the unrepentant Nazi.

BTW - Neil, have you seen this link? Guess who was spotted walking into President Izetbegovic's office in 1994!

Neil Clark said...

Yes, I've seen the link. Many thanks. I'm going to post a list of email addresses of Henry Jackson Society signatories who I suggest readers send it to- asking for their comments.