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Friday, March 27, 2015

Brexit 2020; What are the odds and what next for Europe?

My new piece for Sputnik International.

What are the chances of Britain leaving the EU following May's General election - and what would happen to the British economy if 'Brexit' did take place?
Europhiles have long argued that if Britain did leave the EU it would be a disaster. Our trade with other EU members would decrease, and unemployment would rise steeply. Euro-sceptics on the other hand paint a picture of a thriving British economy once the country has been 'set free' from Brussels. 
A new report from Open Europe described as 'the most comprehensive study of UK withdrawal' will probably disappoint both Europhiles and Eurosceptics — as it makes it clear that the impact of withdrawal won't be as dramatic as both sides claim...

You can read the whole article  here.


Anonymous said...

Oliver Kamm @OliverKamm · 8 hours ago

@NS_Culture And in same issue of @NewStatesman, @WilbyPeter pulls a favour for a mate of his (an obscure author) who's a public schoolboy.

Neil Clark said...

Please don't bother me with that obscure crank's cyber-stalking of me 'Anonymous'