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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Anti-Russian propaganda is ‘unconvincing’, because Western narrative is false

My latest OpEdge piece.

You really couldn’t make it up. Almost 24 million people in the EU are unemployed. The Greek debt crisis has yet to be resolved. An Islamic State terrorist attack in Tunis, just over 100 miles from Italy. The ever-worsening problem of climate change.
And what are the EU elite talking about? How best to counter‘Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns’. It’s good to know they’ve got their priorities right, isn‘t it?

You can read the whole piece here.


Unknown said...

Your recent post "Anti-Russian propaganda is ‘unconvincing’, because Western narrative is false" is so disturbingly false, that I am thinking of leaving RT, at least for a while. Your statements are based on comments from other like-minded as yourself and your "explanations" are based on your personel conspiracy thoughts instead of facts.

People are dying in Ukraine. Its not a matter of view. Its not US or EU killing them. Pictures of Russians inside Ukraine have been posted numerously over the internet. It all started with the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement, wich was voted for by the people, but the pro-russian president vetoed it off and was ultimately thrown.

NATO is not a threat to anyone with peace in mind and the fact that more and more countries, even from the easter side want to join, just shows how people are scared of attacks from the right. Russias problem with NATO is the main reason NATO was created; if you attack a country within NATO, it should be considered an attack of all members. The reason to why Russia sees this as a "threat" to them, you will have to ask Putin.

I have never heard a country blame so much of their problems on another country(-ies) than Russia. It seems beyond imagination how clever and cruel all other nations are against this great country of dictators. At the same time they are blaming jews and gay people for the rest. Whilst at the same time nothing is done by their president to reliefe the countries inhabitants from cold, hunger, alcoholism and corruption.

The ridiculous propaganda wars at infowars and the likes of it is not taken seriously by the majority of world people. I can now only hope for the same with RT...

.. and that you yourself one day will be more interested in doing right - than beeing right.

Artyom Sanchette said...

I would like to disagree with you on your phrase that NATO is no threat to those who is with peace in mind. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last wars orchestred by American gov. all were external, I mean, nobody attacked NATO memebers. But US and its allies enterviened to solve foreign country's internal problems. So, what are the chances that tommorow NATO would not see a threat or dangerous dictator in Russian president and won't declare the war? Sorry, but there is none! Even being a good friend and partner with some NATO memebers won't help, as it was the case of Mr. Kaddafi. Please, you should at least acknoweledge the fact that NATO is a bellicose organisation going here and there even witohut UN agreement. Russians had acknowledged their errors during the Soviet regime (camps, repressions). Why can't some Waestern countries do the same?

Vimax Asli said...

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