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Monday, January 20, 2014

Ukraine opposition trying to topple the democratically-elected government

You can read a new interview with me on RT on the latest anti-government protests and riots in the Ukraine, here.


brian said...

not surprised: US and EU organising the riots in Ukraine
Quote of the day:Гудбай, Америка! Америка, не повинно бути мир в Україні!
(Goodbye, America! America, there should be peace in Ukraine!)
'Several thousand demonstrators surrounded the compound of the US Embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on Wednesday evening. According to the TSN television station, the action was organized by a recently established movement, Kievans for a Clean City, which insists that pro-European Union protesters' barricades in Kiev's central Khreshchatyk Street should be dismantled.
The movement's leader Ivan Protsenko brought a written message to the US Embassy, demanding that there should be no interference in Ukraine's domestic issues. He believes that a US-funded "color revolution" project is being implemented in Ukraine.
"America is to blame for all the events taking place in the center of the capital. Funding comes from there. It is necessary to put a stop to this. We are saying out loud for the whole world to hear: "Goodbye, America! America, there should be peace in Ukraine!," Protsenko said.

brian said...

Ukraine: Authorities vs gangsters - Rick Rozoff interview