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Monday, August 27, 2012

Why democracy is the last thing William Hague and his fellow hawks want in Syria

Above you can watch an interview with me on RT on the latest situation in Syria.


brian said...

Apparently the salafist killers have plans for the journalist of Aldonia TV who reported on the massacre at Daraya:
Criminal mercenary terrorists disseminate information on the Addounia journalist who made a report to Darryia Sunday interviewing residents of the suburb of Damascus or a massacre was committed by the terrorist mercenaries to the boot of NATO. To avenge this report, Wahhabi terrorist mercenaries threaten to kill her by disclosing these coordinates.

brian said...

given that French people have elected a new emperor whos first bit of foreign policy is to say he will reconise a transitional regime in syria, after the salafists form one, unaware that this sort of policy can say democracy is not a form of govt people should want

brian said...
Lizzie Phelan;

Please watch and share this documentary on Syria produced by me and Mostafa Afzalzadeh called "Manufacturing Dissent" about the psychological-warfare by the media and political establishment of the west and their allies aimed at facilitatin
g the US, European and Israeli agenda of getting rid of the current Syrian government. It demonstrates how the media has directly contributed to the bloodshed in Syria.

The documentary de-constructs the main allegations those actors have presented, namely that the Syrian government was systematically repressing peaceful protests and that it has lost legitimacy. It shows how such claims are supported by scant evidence and are therefore little more than propaganda to serve the foreign policy interests of their countries.

Manufacturing Dissent includes evidence of fake reports broadcast/published by the likes of CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and others and interviews with a cross section of the Syrian population including an actor, a craftsman, a journalist, a resident from Homs and an activist who have all been affected by the crisis.

**If the link via the website is not working yet (it will be shortly) please ciick on the link below and share this website and video! Thank you to everyone who contributed

Neil Clark said...

Hi Brian,
thks so much for the link.

brian said...

What do you do if terrorists drives #UK ambulance vehicles? Call them 'freedom fighters':

brian said...

If destroying the hospital in Al Qussair, Homs 2 days ago by Turkey's FSA is not enough, here's another one in Kafr Batna, Damascus Countryside before the Syrian Army entered, they raid Al Fateh Hospital, executed all who was in there, patients & medical team, steal the medicine they need, torch the hospital completely, film the aftermath (as usual) while crying the Syrian Army did this..

If you didn't get the pattern yet, you'll never get it.

Turn cc on for English

brian said...

A message from the head of the Evangelical church in Syria to Obama about the terrorist gangs the US supports destroying my Alma Mater, Aleppo College.

brian said...

Syrian Truth l Field report from Tadamon neighborhood in Damascus today with English subtitles
By Arabi Souri

A report by Safa Mohamad of ANB channel of Syrian Arab Army soldiers facing terrorist groups in Tadamon neighborhood, Damascus shows Saudi, Qatari, Lebanese, Iraqi.. passports, military uniforms, israeli weapons, field hospitals.. used by the Turkish FSA terrorists..

this is a useful report as we can see the FSA consists of foreign invaders