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Sunday, August 12, 2012

RT interview: Rebel atrocities turn Syrians away from the opposition

Above you can watch an interview with me by Karen Tararache on RT on the situation in Syria and why both Hillary Clinton and William Hague have blood on their hands.

Also on Syria, here is a video, a quite horrific one, of what Clinton & Hague's 'freedom fighters' have been up to. (Of course we can't call them 'terrorists' because they're on 'our' side).


brian said...

From Sharmine Narwani:
MUST READ: Really important piece from the Sunday Times last week. Since it is behind a paywall I am posting the whole thing here:

Are you ready to die?

The war photographer John Cantlie expected a warm Syrian welcome. Instead he met hate-filled LondonersJohn Cantlie Published: 5 August 2012

Members of Jihadist group Hamza Abdualmuttalib run during training near Aleppo

On the face of it, we didn’t do anything wrong. We went to the same town we’d been to before, stayed in the same hotel, called the same fixer, took the same route. But when an assignment in a war zone goes wrong, it goes wrong fast. Within an hour of crossing the border into Syria we were in deep trouble.

I ended up running for my life, barefoot and handcuffed, while British jihadists — young men with south London accents — shot to kill. They were aiming their Kalashnikovs at a British journalist, Londoner against Londoner in a rocky landscape that looked like the Scottish Highlands. Bullets kicking up dirt as I ran. A bullet through my arm. Another grazing my ear. And not a Syrian in sight. This wasn’t what I had expected.

We entered Syria just over two weeks ago: Thursday, July 19. The day before, three close aides to President Bashar al-Assad had been killed by a bomb in Damascus. We were heading for Aleppo, Syria’s biggest city, where the struggle for the country would move next.

There were three of us, wearing backpacks after crossing from Turkey at night — Mohamed, a young guide who used to be in the Syrian army, Jeroen Oerlemans, a Dutch photographer, and me. In the dark, I tripped over granite boulders, cursing under my breath as we stumbled up and down the steep rock screes. Less than two miles inside Syria, we came across a small camp of two rectangular tents 30ft long and about eight other square tents. We thought it was the Free Syrian Army. Mohamed said we were going to stop to drink tea.

When I was last in Syria in March, I had passed straight through one of these camps and nobody took any notice. This time, we said “Salaam alaikum” (peace be upon you) and I knew we were in trouble. They weren’t smiling. Syrian people are engaging and hospitable, with friendly faces. They love western journalists. These guys were not Syrian.

They were small, wiry and dark-skinned. Most had beards and there was no salaam alaikum from them. Within 20 seconds one of the men, speaking English, faced Mohamed and said: “I’m going to kill this guy if he doesn’t shut up.” We were taken at gunpoint to one of the smaller tents and handcuffed.

Jeroen asked me if they were Shabiha, the Syrian militia paid to do the government’s dirty work, including massacres. “Shabiha don’t speak English,” said a voice in perfect English. There were about 30 of them altogether; a dozen spoke English and about nine had London accents. Two of them were so Anglicised they couldn’t speak Arabic.

A dozen spoke English and about nine had London accents. Two of them were so Anglicised they couldn’t speak Arabic They were jihadists who were prepared to die in a holy war against Assad — Islamic fundamentalists with a mission to convert bad Muslims to sharia: no smoking, no drinking, no fornication, prayer five times a day. For the moment, they and the Free Syrian Army have a common enemy. But after the fighting is over, they said, there will be a wider war, “because when they learn that sharia is spreading into Syria, then we will be at war with America”....

brian said...

Australian media finally starting to wake up -

brian said...

Hague should face jail for terrorist support
'The UN security council is clear that member states must "refrain from providing any form of support, active or passive, to entities or person involved in or associated with terrorist acts, including by suppressing recruitment of members of terrorist groups."

Hague argued though that "it is the right thing to do." Supposing another country decided it was the "right thing to do" to finance and support a foreign terrorist organisation in Britain, which drove people from their communities, killed opponents and desecrated churches? What outrage there would be!'

brian said...

The Syrian army uncover an IED factory in homs outskirt town. With english subtitles

Neil Clark said...

Hi Brian,
Many thanks for links. I totally agree with you re William Hague. He should face jail for his terrorist support.

Douglas said...

What level of support do you consider the Assad regime to have among the Syrian people? What evidence do you provide for your claim?

Given that Syria is a client of both Iran and Russia, demanding an end to foreign intervention is past praying for, isn't it?

jack said...

Have you heard about the latest spat between Sweden and Belarus when a Swedish PR company allegedly on there own dime (that I seriously doubt) chartered a light aircraft from Lithuania and invaded Belarusian airspace dropping teddy bears with pro-democracy messages?

I am pretty sure that Belarus reaction was not to the fact that teddy bears with pro-democracy messages were dropped as all the opposition receive millions of Euros/dollars allotted to them from the EU and US government but that they flew a light plane from a neighbouring country without informing or getting Belarus permission.

As for Sweden this is the country working with US to extradite Assange over bogus rape charges.

brian said...

sex scandal rocks the FSA...couldnt happen to a nicer lot!
pity Youtube removed the video

Press tv correspondent Maya Naser, & his crew were ambushed by terrorists as they were traveling in #Aleppo #Syria.
Insurgents attack Press TV correspondent in Syria

brian said...

Lebanese tribe launches counter-abduction campaign against terrorists Http:// # # Syria Lebanon

brian said...

here it is : the video too risque for Youtube!

brian said...

A good slave does his master's bidding without having to be asked.

"The United Kingdom does not recognize the principle of diplomatic asylum," British Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters Thursday. "There is no ... threat here to storm the embassy. We are talking about an Act of Parliament in this country which stresses that it must be used in full conformity with international law."

thats Hague talking...after Libya, the man has zero credibility.He is what 'democracies' seem to install in office.

when Hague is finally on the run, and flees to an embassy, remind him he said: The United Kingdom does not recognize the principle of diplomatic asylum,"

brian said...

off topic FYI
Scott Ludlam press conference on Julian Assange | Greens MPs

Ludlum says it pressure from US regime

brian said...

Russian embassy in UK attacked by vandals

Aug 17, 2012

Russia’s embassy in London has been attacked by vandals chanting anti-Syrian slogans, while the British police took no measures to stop the violence or detain the attackers.

According to the reports, the Consular Section is severely damaged; but there has been no report of embassy staff being hurt.

The reportys come as 40 protestors masked in balaclavas, targeted the embassy which is located in an upscale part of London.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy said a group of protestors, who were chanting anti-Assad government slogans, attacked the building in the middle of the night, throwing stones and smashing windows.

He said, "The police who arrived at the scene regretfully did not take any measures to stop the unsanctioned protest and detain the attackers,"

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused London police of not taking measures to stop any of the violence or vandalizing of the embassy’s building.

The Foreign Ministry has announced the attack as one more case of the principal of inviolability of diplomatic nations.

This has not been the first time the Russian Embassy in London was attacked this year. The diplomatic mission said that the consulate would remain closed until Friday noon due to the attack.

The Metropolitan Police of London refused to comment on the attack.

Moreover, Russia Today (RT), the Russian English language news channel, has been subject to a DDoS attack by a group who call themselves Antileaks in an apparent protest at their support for the renegade Australian, Julian Assange.

Assange has been granted political asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, which is delaying his extradition to Sweden to answer claims of sexually assaulting two women.

brian said...

the 'Expendable Project'

The Expendable Project has been publishing leaks from inside the Australian government for the last six months. During this period, the website has been regularly targeted by the AFP and DoD, supporters have been threatened (one in hospital through heart attack) and the staggering documents published have been censored 100% by the Australian media.

They don't exist, as far as the media are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Mr Clark: I know this is "off-message" in the sense that it's not got anything to do with your support for Assad: but when are you going to come out and publicly support Putin's jailing of Pussy Rot? Go on: you know you want to.

brian said...

freed journalists captured by FSA interviewed

brian said...

What level of support do you consider the Assad regime to have among the Syrian people? What evidence do you provide for your claim?

Given that Syria is a client of both Iran and Russia, demanding an end to foreign intervention is past praying for, isn't it?

brian said...

Aleppines help Syrian Army track down FSA/terrorists in Aleppo. ...

brian said...
'The BBC narrator admits that forcing prisoners to become suicide bombers “would certainly be considered a war crime.”'....but s the BBC knows their terrorists dont commit war crimes!...that 'would certainly be' is pretty damning to the BBC!

brian said...

Christians in Syria Fearful of FSA - Patriarch Exposes FSA Terrorists' Tactics

brian said...

over at Travesty International: this is what AI says: Amnesty International USA: Peter O'Toole - We are calling for an arms embargo, freezing of assets of Assad and his senior associates, and the situation to be referred to the ICC..............
NOW why isnt AI calling for Obamas assets to be frozen? and Bush Blair Obama Cameron Sarcozy etc to be referred to ICC?? well Amnasty? Your bias shows your not at all intereste in the justice let alone the syrian peoples welfare

brian said...

guess who one of amnestys keynote speakers has been:

Petri Krohn ‏@PetriKrohn
@WebsterGTarpley @LandDestroyer – #DeathSquad Coordinator Robert Ford Keynotes #Amnesty International Annual Meeting. …

a known perpetrator of coups

brian said...

youtube censors the truth: 'This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.' YouTube has censored SyriaTruthNetworkEN

brian said...

english captioned: addouniyaTV at site of Daraya massacre

brian said...

Apparently the salafist killers have plans for the journalist of Aldonia TV who reported on the massacre at Daraya:
Criminal mercenary terrorists disseminate information on the Addounia journalist who made a report to Darryia Sunday interviewing residents of the suburb of Damascus or a massacre was committed by the terrorist mercenaries to the boot of NATO. To avenge this report, Wahhabi terrorist mercenaries threaten to kill her by disclosing these coordinates.