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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letter of the Week: Dick Maunders on Syria in the Morning Star

This week's pick: Dick Maunders on  Syria in the Morning Star.

..........It is plain to see the long-term tactics of the West.

They are hoping to create another Libya scenario in Syria, start a civil war and overthrow the Syrian government to be replaced by a compliant Western one, then use Syria as a forward base for any impending invasion of Iran.

William Hague should mind his own business about the internal affairs of Syria. We can see the results of Western meddling in Libya now with tribal fighting and murders happening every day.

You can read the whole of Dick Maunders' excellent letter here.


Anonymous said...

"And, for the record, I think Assad is a murderous bastard who should be strung up by his own people. So take that as a "no" to intervention but a "yes" to blood caked complicity in atrocities, even if the jury's out on this one."*

Martin Rowson, 18 June 2012


brian said...

how western imperialism works

brian said...

next time you see videos alleging syrian army atrocities...consider this:
'Waqqaf: If you go very far away in fabricating things that are happening on the ground, it is not only enough for the Syrian people to know exactly what is happening but when Syrian television and Syrian satellite channels show certain realities on the ground, then the surrounding environment, the Arab world or the Western environment should not really know what is really happening.

So for example, Syrian television has been, for the past few weeks, showing certain videos, unedited videos, that were captured after an operation of the Syrian army in Baba Amr in Homs and those edited videos reveal that the culprits of the videos, we had seen before on YouTube, claiming that the Syrian Army is doing this atrocity or committing that atrocity, when you see the unedited video which is like ten times longer [than the edited ones] you see that the armed groups are the ones who are actually doing this and they are, you know, quite happy about doing it.

They shout Allaho Akbar [God is great] and then they Laugh, but when you have the video on YouTube, you know, the laughing is cut for example.

The Arab world should not really see these things because they should not question the story that has been presented to them from the very beginning by the likes of Aljazeera and Alarabiya. That is why they wanted to shutdown the Syrian satellite TV channels and again there are now indications that a new chapter of the propaganda is going to take place which is about inciting a full scale civil war in Syria.

brian said...

News About Syria - English
2 minutes ago
The most prominent points of the Russian - US agreement about Syria, according to Alnashar E-newspaper:

- A transitional phase entitled to install stability and open dialogue..

- The priority of the political solution that depends on the political pluralism, diversity and freedom of expression.

- Complete the presidential term of President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the exclusion of proposals to step down or change the regime.

- A Syrian process in the context of re-ordering a new "regional order" which takes into account the US-Russian enterests especially in the issue of oil and gas.

- A U.S. - Russia Joint approach of the future of radical Islamic movements. In this area, Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to expand the U.S. fears of the danger of the West adopting the phenomenon of "Muslim Brotherhood" in power.

- A Russian-US agreement on Iran's participation in the International conference about Syria.

- A Syrian government that include all the political groups that adopt the political and diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis, and comes in the context of U.S. - Russia understandings and going into details.

- Preventing the extension of the Syrian crisis to regional neighboring and specifically in the two circles of Jordan and Lebanon. This means that the tense situation in Lebanon will not be up to the explosion point nor the link between the Lebanese and Syrian situations nor to create a buffer zone in the north and on the border. This means Lebanon will no longer be the passage to smuggle arms into Syria.

Translated by JaNo...
Original post:

brian said...

who is martin rowson? hes not very good at thinking

brian said...

A Melkite Greek Catholic archimandrite has denounced Western media coverage of the Syrian conflict.
“The reality on the ground is far from the picture that imposes disinformation in Western media,” said Msgr. Philippe Tournyol Clos. “Opposition forces have occupied two areas, Diwan Al Bustan and Hamidieh, where there are all the churches and bishoprics.
“The picture for us is utter desolation: the church of Mar Elian is half destroyed and that of Our Lady of Peace is still occupied by the rebels,” he continued. “Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything. The area of Hamidieh is still shelter to armed groups independent of each other, heavily armed and bankrolled by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. All Christians (138,000) have fled to Damascus and Lebanon, while others took refuge in the surrounding countryside. A priest was killed and another was wounded by three bullets. Still a couple live there, but the five bishops have had to take refuge in Damascus and Lebanon.”
The rebels, he added, are particularly cruel to the Alawites, a Muslim sect whose members include the Assad family.

brian said...

racism in hollywood

brian said...

off topic but FYI
its called Hypocrisy:
Compare Ken Roth on Assange and on Chen Guangcheng
Posted by The Editors on June 21, 2012, 4:50 pm, in reply to "HRW boss Kenneth Roth's tweet on Chinese dissident case "

Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)
21/06/2012 15:44
Odd that free-speech advocate Assange would seek asylum with #Ecuador, known under Pres Correa for suppressing speech.

Kenneth Roth ‏@KenRoth
7:27 AM - 28 Apr 12
Will Chen Guangcheng case upset US-China relations? Only if ‪#China‬ decides so. US has no choice but to grant asylum to persecuted dissident.

Ecuador has no choice but to grant asylum to a persecuted least Roth should be safe!

Neil Clark said...

Hi Brian,
Great spot- thanks for that.
What total hypocrisy.