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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hands off Syria and Iran! No to western intervention! -London public meeting

‘They lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They lied about Vietnam. Cambodia, Serbia and so on, they lied when they told you that Libya was about ‘humanitarian aid’ , they are lying about Syria and will lie about Iran’.

Stop the War is organising a week of action against western  intervention in Syria and Iran.

Do try and take part and if you’re anti-war and  live in London or the south-east, do try and make it along to the Stop the War meeting on Syria and Iran in London tomorrow where I will be among the speakers.

It's not just about opposing western intervention in Syria and Iran- it's also about lifting sanctions.

"On June 28 US oil sanctions on Iran are set to take effect, followed by EU sanctions on July 1. Iran has threatened to close the straits of Hormuz in response. Even in the absence of an immediate conflagration, oil sanctions are an attempt to weaken Iran and therefore a prelude to war, not an alternative to it. "


brian said...

here are those idealistic FSA peaceful protestors in the raw:
Syrian militants 'opposition' killed for 15 euros a day

Western media created the image of an ideological fighter for democracy in Syria has nothing to do with reality. Information Agency «ANNA» managed to interview the Syrian captives in the Hamas militants. He told how, for 15 euros a day, shooting passing cars without thinking of those who at this time there is.

On the question of whether a prisoner regretted what he had done the crime, a former fighter named Immat referred to the rebel leaders, who argued that religion does not forbid killing and raping people of other faiths, on the contrary it is strongly encouraged.

The story of people caught in opposition to all the same, it all started with peaceful opposition actions (for money!), Then they are recruited into gangs, issued by a machine, designated the daily wages, and a separate award for each violent action. In this case the militants do not care what they are fighting against their own people. Good money (by the standards of Syria) and any semi-literate worker goes killing.

In this interview, you will personally make sure that the opposition demonstrators fired on her in order to blame for the crime of power in Syria. Thanks to the Western media it is possible to successfully implement

Anonymous said...

'Philip Cross' again:

Neil Clark said...

Hi Brian: thanks for that link.

anonymous: I've posted about 'Philip Cross''s latest wikipedia passion: editing the page of Russia Today, on the ML members board.

brian said...

Australians for Syria shared a link.
14 hours ago
Links to articles which challenge the UN story on the killings of civilians in Syria.

Douglas said...

Does Saudi Arabia and Qatar count as Western intervention? If so, why? If not, why not?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,
Absolutely. No to intervention by the west and its allies- and that includes Turkey too.

Anonymous said...


brian said...

Linda Juniper ‏@LindaJuniper
First the terrorist pointed the camera to a building then it was bombed. That's ElQusur area in #Homs #Syria

the monsters then cry allah akbar to their blood thirsty god...this is not going to make islam popular in the western world...!

brian said...

Joud @Hey_Joud
Sham FM: Deir Ezzor - Car exploded while terrorists were planting an explosive device in it killing more than 20 terrorists. #haha #Syria
what does this say about arab terrorist competence!
Today in Juber #Damascus terrorists burned a bus while the driver was still in

brian said...

on Facebook:
XieMing Mai
There is a German language report that a group hacked the Turkish Foreign Mnistry and discovered that they have planned to provoke war with Syria. Ask Klostermeier to clarify this with URLs, etc.

waiting for the info to come thru

brian said...

now for a venture into the wierd:

‎'saudi arabia is calling on the international community to take decisive measures against syria..and the world should unite to end the massacre of syrian people'
saudi arabia claims it wants a democratically elected govt in syria!'
this is hypocrisy gone into orbit...the tyrannical sauds fund salafist terrorists to massacre the syrian people; they send bombers into yemen to massacre yemenese people, they send troops into Bahrain to massacre bahrainian people (for which they made a pact with Great Satan!)...and they crush dissent among shi'a saudi people....the latte are all documented...saud's claim has zero evidence to support it

brian said...

ed-handed: gangs, "Farouq Battalion" explosion of houses in the neighborhood of "deficiencies" in Homs to accuse the army shelling
Criminals pointing a camera at the apartment to be detonated by the explosion, and then waiting to do their comrades blown up in order to filmed and distributed to the media, as usual!? in one of the tape rare the most obvious which form the evidence is compelling that the gang of Islamic armed criminal bombing of houses in order to portray the accused Syrian army shelling. If we pointed out in earlier times, and a few months ago, the gangs of "battalion-Faruq" Wahhabism, a subsidiary of the so-called "army" free and funded by Saudi Arabia, blowing up dozens of homes in the neighborhood of "Baba Amr" before the arrival of Arab observers to accuse the army, they are the rare times that where we can get the presumption so clearly set the criminals red-handed. tape published by the "truth" and the photographer a few days ago in the "neighborhood of the Palace" in Homs, shows how criminals are installing the camera on one of the apartments, as they know that the explosion will happen there. And when he gets the explosion they start yelling "bombing the neighborhood palaces .. Oh God .. oh God!" explosion, as can any ignorant or blind to note, there has been not because of artillery fire, nor any other kind of bombardment, but an improvised explosive device placed inside home. And conclusive evidence, it is not only that the region is living a quiet moment when the bombing occurred, and the moment there is no any kind of military operations, but more importantly because it is crystal clear that he did not fall to the flat target any missile of any kind and from any party whatsoever , and because the direction of cumulus projectiles from the explosion comes out from inside the apartment to outer space force and violence, which means that the center of the explosion is an explosive inside the house. Had the apartment been any shelling, of any kind, to the direction of projectiles cumulus went toward random inside the apartment! on April 25 / April, we published a report we catch a gang of "Battalion Ansar", a subsidiary of "Front victory" in Homs, a bombed areas residential in the same neighborhood, the "neighborhood of the Palace", a mortar, although the neighborhood is one of the "neighborhood opposition" controlled by various armed groups! Source: The Truth

brian said...

what the what so called Free Syrian army is doing in a village called Salkin, Idlib.

brian said...

According to the FSA terrorists the circled kid is a shabeeh and one of Assad's informants and deserves to be punished

#FSA militia captured citizens of Saqleen in Idleb because they're pro #Syria & anti revolution, how democratic of them

brian said...

"Turkish officers trained us on using weapons in the Turkish Camps" Terrorist Mustafa Sharouf admits. #Syria #Turkey

Linda Juniper @LindaJuniper
Breaking: Terrorists threw a bomb close to a car wash in ElSaliheen #Aleppo, the explosion killed 1 & injured 19. #Syria
Linda Juniper @LindaJuniper
Re bombing in ElSaliheen, other reports claim the source of the explosion was a booby-trapped bus. #Aleppo
Linda Juniper @LindaJuniper
The terrorist group that was working on bombing the railway between Ory & Edawan was killed. #Idleb #Syria

Terrorists in a pickup truck & 2 motorcycles shot at a security checkpoint at ElSakhour roundabout, 1 terrorist was injured. #Aleppo #

10 traffic policeman, who work on #Idleb - #Latakia road, were kidnapped.
The authorities faced a terrorist group in Sheikh Maskin, arrested & killed many of them, & confiscated their weapons. #Daraa
Among the arrested in Sheik Maskin is notorious terrorist "Fadhil Aoudh ElHusain" who had killed & kidnapped many innocents. #Daraa

The Security arrested the terrorists responsible for the explosion close to the Military Security Dep. this evening in Idleb

Barza, Qabon, Bebela, Juber, Yabrod, ElKaswa were forced to close shops by #FSA.
Distributed leaflets ordered 3days strike. Damascus

Security foiled a booby-trapped car bombing by shooting the driver before arriving to his target on ElSina'ah roundabout. #DeirEzzor

Eight terrorists killed in Mo'arat ElNoman, three of them are Libyans. #Idleb

Eight terrorists killed when the explosive device they were planting close to Cinema ElZahra'a exploded. #DeirEzzo

Authorities pursued a terrorist group in Kafer Nubel, killed a foreign terrorist & arrested 2, one of them is Ahmad Zatour. #Idleb

The authorities faced a terrorist group in Ezaz, destroyed 6 cars with heavey & light weapons on & killed many of them

brian said...

Everything you’ve heard about Syria is a lie says Ankhar Kochneva, a Russian journalist who has seen first hand the realities of the Syrian civil war. Kochneva told RT she has proof a Western invasion of Syria will be launched by summer’s end.
RT: While visiting Turkish camps for Syrian refugees, I was told that the Syrian army was shooting at them.
Ankhar Kochneva: There are a large number of videos from those camps showing people walking upright, not ducking down even though you can hear shooting. The options are that either the sound was added to the video later, or that people knew that they were only shooting in the air without any intention of actually hitting them.
The Syrian army has no reason to shoot up these camps, as Syria is doing its utmost to ensure these people return home. And in fact they are doing just that if you go by the official Syrian data; 16,500 people have returned. Meanwhile, Turkey and the Syrian opposition are strongly interested in having those camps. If it weren’t for these camps, who would believe in the regime’s atrocities described by the opposition?

brian said...

did the treacherous pilot to jordan do so purposefully to give friend/foe enciphering system to the USrael?

RT:Are the escape of the Syrian pilot to Jordan and the Turkish aircraft incident related?
AK: When the aircraft got hijacked on July 21, I was in Beirut, at the Al Mayadin TV channel which was headed by Ghassan Bin Jiddu, the former chief of Al Jazeera’s bureau in Libya. He was the one who caused a scandal by quitting the channel due to lies that the channel had been broadcasting for the last year and a half. On that day, this channel was the first to report the jet hijacking in Jordan. The first question was, how quickly Jordan would return the plane, which it was obliged to do according to the international laws. It wasn’t as much about the aircraft itself, but rather about the friend/foe enciphering system. According to military experts, it takes about a week to decipher it. The fact that the aircraft wasn’t returned immediately gives a reason to doubt Jordan’s neutrality. There are reasons to suggest that the incident was thoroughly staged. On 23rd June, a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft flying at an extremely low altitude intruded into Syria. Some experts believe that by then, Jordan could’ve deciphered the codes, and that Turkey made an attempt to use them.