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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The joys of privatised energy companies: Scottish Power to hike gas bills by 19%

The Guardian reports:

Household budgets face further pressure after a leading energy company said it was raising gas bills by 19%

Scottish Power, which will also raise electricity tariffs by 10%, said it would add 48p to the average daily combined gas and electricity bills of its 2.4 million customers, an extra cost of £175 a year.

Other energy companies are of course, expected to follow suit.

Isn't neo-liberalism wonderful?

More on this story here.

1 comment:

neil craig said...

Not "neo-liberalism" at all. This is government control.

In a free market the power companies would not be forced to give 15% of bills to subsidise windmills. OK in a progressive socialist society they wouldn't have to either because such medievalist prok barreling would be anathema. Beyond that in a free society the power companies would be free to produce nuclear power. In a free society there would be a level regulatory field between nuclear and other power sources - government would not be insisting that we use the most expensiv, unreliable and inefficient option.

Thus in a free society electricity would be available at about 1/10th the current cost. Every single politician who is now blaming the power companies but hasn't loudly supported nuclear for years is a lying, thieving, fascist paraitewithout the tiniest, remotest trace of personal honesty, integrity or deceny.High power prices kill pensioners, 25,000 of them a year and these disgusting animals who blame the power companies should never, under any circumstances have any role in government and should be made to publicly apologise, on their knees to every single person who has ever had to pay an electricty bill larger than they wanted to and then kicked in the face until they pay up the excess.

No offence Messrs Miliband, Cameron, Huhne et al.