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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amina Abdallah Arraf: A Gay Girl in Damascus- not the first human rights hoax

This article of mine appears in The First Post.

Neil Clark: The case that fooled human rights activists worldwide - not for the first time

It's the story that's had western bloggers, journalists and human rights crusaders up in arms. When Amina Abdalla Arraf, a US/Syrian lesbian blogger and staunch critic of President Assad, was kidnapped by the Syrian authorities for daring to express her opinions, more than 14,000 people rushed to join a Facebook group to campaign for her release.

Reporters Without Borders issued a press release condemning the abduction. In a short space of time, Amina became the poster girl for the anti-Assad protests sweeping across Syria.

"We ask all those who care about Amina to send this message to the Syrian embassy in your country to show the regime that the world is very much aware of Amina's case and will not let the Syrian regime get away with any harm that might come to her," declared the 'Free Amina Abdalla' Facebook site.

It's unlikely, however, that any harm will come to Amina. That's because she doesn't appear to exist.

You can read the whole article here.

UPDATE: The hoax has been confirmed. The 'Gay Girl in Damascus' was actually a Straight Married American Man in Scotland. More here and here


Anonymous said...

Great article Mr. Clark. It is interesting how so many people, especially on the Left, who pride themselves on their skepticism, fall for hoaxes like these. I understand that emotions play a part, but as you point out, politicians have used these sorts of stories to drag countries into unnecessary wars before and will probably try it again soon.

Jeanette said...

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Anonymous said...

This was a private hoax and was quickly uncovered.

CIA and MI5 hoaxes are never uncovered. Instead, endless, monotonous repeating of the hoax by the BBC, CNN, Sky, etc. makes the hoax "real."

Here's one: The mantra "The killing of 8,000 Moslem men and boys in Srebrenica was the worse atrocity since WW2."

Those media outlets which use these words to describe what happened in Srebrenica in the summer of 1995 clearly identify themselves as agents of the New World Order and as part of the mechanism designed to re-write history.

Today’s hoax is tomorrow’s “history.”

jack said...

The Libya assault and propaganda campaign is a direct copy of that used in Bosnia and Kosovo to now they are making the ludicrous claim Gadaffi forces are running around with condoms and Viagra raping women.

Can’t wait to see pictures of dead soldiers with erections. Lol!

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