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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get Clegg! Jilted students target Lib Dem love rats

This piece of mine appears in the First Post.

Neil Clark: Students who once loved Nick Clegg are now threatening to rally outside his home.

Hell hath no fury like a student scorned. Seven months ago, in the build-up to the general election, the love affair between Britain's large student community and Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems was at the height of its passion. Today they’ve fallen out so badly that students in his Sheffield constituency are contemplating a protest outside his home.

How did it go wrong?

You can read the whole of the article here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good for the students. I am sure there will be plenty of talk from the usual suspects about spoiled, arrogant and naïve students soon, forgetting that they, too, were once students. Not that students can never be spoiled, arrogant or naïve, but they are rightly upset about fee increases and broken promises by the Lib Dems.

Hopefully we will see more solidarity, though. There should be no reason for students and middle-aged workers and pensioners to be fighting each other when we know who the real enemies are.