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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Ten UK Political Blogs poll

You can vote for your top ten (or top five) UK political blogs here.
Or email your list to:

Any votes for this blog, and for the Campaign 4 Public Ownership blog gratefully received- and also consider supporting some of the excellent anti-war blogs on the blogroll on the right.

Total Politics is published by the neoliberal, pro-Iraq war blogger Iain Dale, so to make him happy, let’s try and get some anti-neoliberal, anti-war blogs to the top of the poll.

Voting closes at midnight on Saturday 31st July.


Brambo said...

Any suggestions Neil? ;-)

Neil Clark said...

There's plenty of good anti-war, anti-neoliberal blogs on the blogroll on the right of the page to choose from.

The rules state ‘DO NOT list on your blog ten blogs you think your readers should vote for', so I can't put up a list of ten and urge people to vote for them.

jack said...

I only read this blog as a whole I think British politics is pretty boring so maybe I should just list this blog ten times.

Steve Hayes said...

Ah, too late!

Neil Clark said...

there's always next year Steve!

mariah said...

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