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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Former MI5 chief exposes the neo-cons’ Iraq War pretence

There was no evidence whatsoever that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington, the Iraq war was unjustified and it ‘significantly increased' the risk of Britain being subjected to a terrorist attack.

Wow, who’d ever have thought it! Well actually, quite a few of us who opposed the war did say so at the time.

You can read Robert Fox’s piece on Lady Manningham-Buller’s testimony at the Chilcot Inquiry, here.

Read it and you’ll understand why the neo-cons want ‘closure’ on Iraq and for everyone to ‘move on’. But remember, the same lies which were told about the ‘threat’ Saddam Hussein’s Iraq posed in 2003, are now being told about Iran (and the neocons are telling lies about Belarus too-another independent country they hate-as our friend and regular commenter Karl Naylor reports on his excellent Eastern Europe Watch website.)


olching said...

Yes, indeed, and we should always reemphasise the point that Iraq was simply the logical conclusion of a neoimperalist doctrine hammered out well before the idiot Bush administration. Blair's government, his Chicago speech, Kosovo etc are all linked to the same foul agenda.

However, I do believe that liberal interventionism has (for the time being) run its course. Hague's insipid announcement of the end in Afghanistan demonstrates this.

Steve Hayes said...

Um yes. We all knew that back in 2003.

We all knew that the only reason for the war was that Georgie boy wanted one because his daddy had had one and he wanted one too, and the American people voted for him any way in 2004, and then they wonder why the rest of the world is "anti-American".

And Tony Blair's appeasement policy led directly to 7/7 carnage in the UK.

DBC Reed said...

What is surprising is that this forthright ,going on formidable ,woman was at the heart of government during the key years,and must have been saying the same things then.Blair must have deliberately ignored her.

Czarny Kot said...

Doesn't the fact that Lady Manningham-Butler has only admitted all this now represent a serious breach of duty on her behalf?

As a senior intelligence offical she surely had a responsibilty to voice her concerns when it mattered.

Instead she has waited for a low-key inquiry almost a decade afterwards.

Will she be stripped of her pension? No.

PS: With regards to Belarus, if you go to there is a story about Belarus beats Poland in an international happiness survey.

Czarny Kot said...

.....unless she DID raise her concerns and was ignored, in which case it raises the question of why a lot of money is spent on intelligence agencies whose intelligence is ignored.

DBC Reed said...

Another question is how the normal separation of powers and respect for those with information and responsibilities were routinely ignored in Blair's decision-making process,for it is becoming clear that Lady Manningham Buller did make her doubts known.Blair should be called back to the Iraq enquiry to answer this point.

Madam Miaow said...

It is amazing that the people in charge were more stupid, more ill-informed and had worse analysis skills than the majority of the population.

Unless they weren't, and their decisions were motivated from cynical objectives.

Hmm, I wonder which it is.