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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tony Blair: the world's greatest conspiracy theorist

The Daily Mail reports:

Tony Blair yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on the Iraq inquiry - as the chairman warned that he and others could be recalled over 'gaps' in their evidence.
In an outspoken interview in the U.S., the former prime minister dismissed the inquiry as part of a ' continual desire to sort of uncover some great conspiracy'.
Speaking on Fox News he said critics of the war were obsessed with conspiracy theories, and refused to accept that his motives were 'genuine'.

The biggest conspiracy theory of 1999 was that Yugoslav forces were committing genocide in Kosovo. Tony Blair peddled it.

The biggest conspiracy of the Noughties was that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq possessed WMDs. Tony Blair peddled it.

And the biggest conspiracy theory currently doing the rounds is that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Tony Blair is peddling it.

Tony Blair: the world’s greatest conspiracy theorist.


olching said...

Utterly bizarre that he should accuse the five panelists as 'critics'.

All five of them have intricate connections to either Tony Blair or Greenstock, or indeed have a vested interest in the notion of liberal interventionism and postwar Iraq.

Is there some kind of case for 'bringing the inquiry into disrepute' to be made?

Patzer said...

I am glad to notice somebody else taking this angle on conspiracy theories. For some years now I have been asking my friends to name one conspiracy theory that has been substantially proven to be untrue. The answer, of course, is the one that said there were WMD in Iraq. Nobody has ever given that answer, but most, on hearing my answer, have regarded the question as a trick one.