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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is the Press out of control?

You can watch me debating this issue with Peter Hitchens, Sir Ian Blair, Professor Julian Petley et al on BBC1's The Big Questions, here.
The other debates on the programme, on religion and the police, are pretty lively and worth watching too.


vladimir gagic said...

Not available in my area. Is is somewhere on youtube?

Gregor said...
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Anonymous said...

Well done, Neil.

The problem I have with the 'freedom' and 'free press' arguments is that the press is anything but free. Its journalistic content and style are under the tight control of the logic of the market. Whatever it does, it must sell. The market is a stricter authority than any complaints quango, and all these bodies do is try to regulate the excess that the market's authority demands.

Released from the dictatorship of the market the press would at least have a chance of becoming both civilized and free.

- questionnaire

Krakow's New Dragons said...

Unfortunately, the BBC says the debate is not available in my area ( Poland ). Maybe it could be put on Youtube. A pity.

Anonymous said...

"You can watch me debating this issue..."

Meaning you were a member of the audience.

Neil Clark said...

hi vladimir/Karl,
unfortunately you can't watch IPlayer outside of Europe, not sure if its possible to put it on You Tube.

questionnaire: totally agreed.

anonymous at 1.48am- no, you clearly don't know the format of the BQ. And the fact that you're sending in such comments in the middle of the night from yr home computer in the 'City of London', shows us, as if we any had any doubts, as to what an obsessional little Neil Clark hater you are.
Why don't you send such comments in from your work computer, I wonder. What on earth have you got to hide?

Czarny Kot said...

I can listen to everything but live football commentary on BBC i-Player radio but TV is off limits.

I wonder why?

Exile said...

Invited along, obviously, otherwise your name and job title would not have flashed up on the screen when you spoke, Neil. Ergo debating the particular issue that was that part of the show.

Not part of the panel that debated all the way through. Hopefully when NuLab is nothing but a bitter memory then you will become a fully fledged talking head as people try to make sense of the past 12 years.

Now if you will excuse me, Neil, as Anthea, my little silk stockinged Jezebel is demanding my undivided attention.