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Monday, September 14, 2009

70% want railway renationalisation- but our neoliberal political elite say no

So there you have it. A new poll, commissioned by the RMT union, shows that 70% of the British public would like to see the railways renationalised.

"This poll... shows that the Government are miles out of step with the voters when it comes to the crucial issue of who owns and runs our transport services", says RMT leader Bob Crow.

But it's not just the Government, Bob. It's HM Opposition and the Liberal Democrats too, neither of whom support bringing the railways back into public ownership.

Earlier this summer, our friend and regular commenter Olching commented on the depressingly uniform response to the question of renationalisation of the railways on an edition of the BBC’s Question Time.

The fact that none of our leading three parties supports a measure backed by 70% of the people shows what sort of ’democracy’ operates in Britain. A ‘democracy’ where all three of those parties represent the interests of capital and not the interests of ordinary members of the public.


DBC Reed said...

The horrible but totally predictable thing is that the BNP supports renationalising the railways ( and restoring in-house cleaning in hospitals),entirely to be expected because the polical parties,particularly the Conservatives, have no wish to conserve the best of the past,the mixed economy and things which have been proven to work,so the BNP can go round picking up on loads of popular ( and populist) policies that the politicos in their obsession with market economics have discarded.The renationalising of railways appeals emotively to gut Conservatives but the Tories offer the iron (in)discipline of the markets. A lot of the BNP menace comes from the Conservatives moving right and leaving the one-nation Tory constituency up for grabs.

Anonymous said...

And we used to laugh at the US for having "one party with two wings." At least their politicians have the good grace to get shot now and then.

I've never been in favour of single issue candidates before, but I begin to wonder if a 'Patriotic Ownership' candidate in every seat at the next election might not focus a few minds ...

- Mat C

Anonymous said...

'So there you have it. A new poll, commissioned by the RMT union, shows that 70% of the British public would like to see the railways renationalised. '

now if UK was a democracy.....!Its incidents like these that should be used to challenge the fraud of modern 'democracies'.
Havwe a referendum like Venezuela!

olching said...

It is truly bizarre. I imagine that any one of the parties would gain so much mileage by announcing plans to renationlise. But then I suppose they are under the kosh of Big's that simple.

That coupled with the current cuts environment and it is pretty much a given that none of the three main parties will even so much as consider renationalising the railways.

God, how I'd love to be a passenger again and not a bloody customer...

Anonymous said...

Now if brits were living in a democracy....thedyd be listened to by their leaders...


Roland Hulme said...

Hey, I'm a shameless Tory bastard, but even I have to admit that this is a joke. There's no longer a democracy in Britain - just a ruling elite deciding what's best for the plebs.

And shameless Tory bastard that I am, I freakin' LOVE the SNCF of France. I'm all for the free market, but train networks in countries as small as the UK should be owned by one company (and let's be realistic, that's probably a state-owned one.)

I live in New York now (well, New Jersey) and NJ Transit is state owned. If the bloody yanks can get their heads around it, why can't Britain?