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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Why it's time to bring back British Rail

The government has refused to re-negotiate its contract with privateer transport company National Express and is to take the East Coast railway line into public ownership.

But rather than making this move the first step in the renationalisation of the entire network, Transport Minister Lord Adonis says that it is the Government's intention to tender for a new East Coast franchise operator from the end of 2010.

Why? What Adonis seems to want is a system where losses are nationalised and profits are privatised. Get the East Coast line back in profit and then flog it to Richard Branson or another privateer, seems to be the government's intention.

As taxpayers- and railway users- we shouldn't put up with this nonsense.

It's time to call an end to Britain's Great Train Robbery and pressurise the government to renationalise the entire railway network. If Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the rest of Europe can have publicly-owned railways why can't we?

If you are in agreement, then here's the pressure group for you.


Czarny Kot said...

Bring back British Rail?

Amen to that.

coffeelover said...

You can also sign-up to the Re-nationalise the British Railway Network group on Facebook!

neil craig said...

Yet another chance to find out whether government runs things better than free enterprise. If the government make a £1.3 billion profit on this they will have matched, indeed exceeded, what they were to get from National Express.

Does anybody want to accept a small bet that they won't?

Anonymous said...

Er, neil craig, are you asking if the government will *also* fail to make a 1.3bn profit, just as NXEC failed to do.

Bet won - can I have my money now, please?

neil craig said...

Well if government are the best people to run things then they will clearly make even more profit.

I think before claiming to have won you should (1) say how much you are betting (2) identify yourself (3) put up some money & (4) wait till the government have made £1.3bn money before claiming.

I strongly doubt your ability to get to step 2 but we will see.

Roland Hulme said...

You know I'm against socialism and public ownership - in most cases - but I think I agree with you about the railways. IT CAN'T BE DONE!

Even America has publicly owned corporations running most of the public transport. The private companies are still subsidized like mad.

A national rail network is MORE than just a business. It's the blood system of a country. France understands this - which is why they have the SNCF and some of the best, fastest and most affordable trains in the world (which I'll be enjoying on Monday.)

When it comes to British rail, look stateside. If even the Americans don't do it privately, perhaps there's a reason!

Anonymous said...

"Well if government are the best people to run things then they will clearly make even more profit."

Wrong metric.

Tell me, how much profit does the street in front of your house generate?

olching said...

I agree, Neil, and anyone watching Question Time tonight will despair at the unanimity of the three main parties.

neil craig said...

Looks like I overestimated anon & he couldn't manage step 1 either.

Anonymous said...

neil craig:

I was waiting for you to answer my question - which won't happen because you can't.

Who made you King of the Internet, anyway?

neil craig said...

Mous assuming you are mous 4.44pm & not another rodent I had already answered your question before you asked it.

"Does anybody want to accept a small bet that they won't?" which if you read carefully is an offer to bet that indeed the government won't make that profit.

As for your second petty whine - it seems it was by acclimation - thank you for your support.