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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tom Watson leads the Open: Greetings from 1975!

Something strange seems to have happened. It seems that I've slipped down some sort of Time Tunnel and have arrived back in 1975.

I've been watching the tv and Tom Watson is leading the British Open Golf Championship by two strokes.

I'll be posting regular updates about life in 1975- it seems too as if QPR could be preparing to make a title challenge for the forthcoming football season and that Prime Minister Harold Wilson is beginning to get inflation under control. It's also great to see pubs where people can smoke to their hearts content and a complete absence of Starbucks and Pizza Express in the High Streets. And boy, a £5 note really goes a long way on a night out!

Seriously though- wouldn't it be great if Watson could roll back the years and win the Open at the age of 59? We've already seen public ownership put back on the agenda, all we want now is Watson to win the Open and It Ain't Half Hot Mum back on our tv screens and we'll be half-way back to the greatest decade of them all.

UPDATE: What a pity. We came oh, so close to witnessing one of the greatest sporting stories of all time. If only Tom Watson had chipped his third shot at the 18th and not used his putter......Had Watson won I agree with the BBC commentator Ken Brown- it would have been the greatest sporting achievement by anyone in the history of sport. To win an Open at the age of 59- 34 years after your first Open victory- and 26 years after your last? It would have been too fantastic for words. And it so very nearly happened.


Real Fake Sports said...

It would be great for Watson to win the Open, but would be ammo for anyone that says "golf is not a sport."

Surprised ABC didn't try to cancel the tournament with Tiger missing the cut. :)

Fake Sports News - Tiger Misses Cut; 3rd and 4th Rounds Cancelled

Andy said...

This has been amazing to watch so far, and see him lead after the 3rd round.

I hope Tom can hang on tomorrow, what an amazing story it will be, and already has been for that matter.

Anonymous said...

As regards the Youtube video:

Okay, the lead singer is 100% fuckable - there's no denying that. But the rest of the band are a bunch of weirdos, and the song itself really really sucks.

(Sorry Neil!)

jock mctrousers said...

Just imagine being locked up in Guantanamo and having them blare the Eurovision Greatest hits at you 24/7?