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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Support Hungary's Day of Solidarity

I've written plenty in the past year or so about the ever-worsening conditions for ordinary people in Hungary, where the privatising, neoliberal government of the millionaire Ferenc Gyurscany (above, left, with his good pal George W. Bush),has imposed swingeing cutbacks in state provision. But the Hungarian people are stirring: and today there will be widespread transport strikes across the country. The strikers are protesting not only about the government's plans to close large chunks of the country's railway network, but also about the planned part-privatisation of health care. There will be a big rally at Kossuth Ter at 6pm tonight. The event is being supported not only by leftist groups and unions, but also by Hungary's conservative opposition, who, to their credit, reject the heartless neoliberal dogma of the current governing coalition, and who oppose the privatisation programme.
If you're reading this and are in Hungary, (I know from sitefeeder statistics that this blog does have many Hungarian readers), then please join up in these protests.
The present Hungarian government is a national disgrace, and that was the case even before the Prime Minister was exposed, on tape, as a liar. Hungary- and the Hungarian people, deserve much, much better.

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